Hillary Clinton Violated Federal Law And Ethics Laws

Independent Sentinel

If Hillary Clinton were any other public figure, she’d face indictment for her role in a foundation that was accepting multimillion dollar contributions from foreign governments, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” show.

“If this was any person but Hillary Clinton they’d be under indictment right now for a clearly straightforward problem.” Gingrich said during a panel discussion.. “This isn’t a political problem; this is a historic problem. The Constitution of the United States says you cannot take money from foreign governments without explicit permission of the Congress.”

“It is clear and federal law,” he continued.

“It’s illegal and its dangerous to America to have foreign governments get in the habit of bribing people who happen to be the husband of the secretary of state or the next president of the United States.”

Under the Constitution’s “Emoluments Clause, persons holding public office are not to accept money from other countries without permission from Congress.

Gingrich said the founding fathers added that clause “because they knew the danger of corrupting our system by foreign money is enormous.”

Politicians have gone to jail for much less such as Bob McDonnell of Virginia and there are those who have been indicted for much less such as Senator Menendez.

The Clinton Foundation became a money laundering scheme and a political slush fund.

The Federalist reported on April 17 that the Clinton Foundation contributed a measly 10% of its budget on charitable grants. On April 25th, the Foundation tweeted that “More than 88% of our expenditures go directly to our life-changing work.”

Life-changing for who? Their employees and them?

Bill Clinton took exorbitant fees for speaking engagements from countries who were then granted favors or received favorable access to the highest spheres of power and influence.

Hillary Clinton promised to disclose all expenditures as part of a 2008 or 2009 memorandum of understanding with the Obama administration so she could become Secretary of State. That would include even the Canadian affiliate though the Clintons claim they didn’t have to disclose that Canadian uranium deal because the Canadians didn’t require it.

Hillary Clinton promised to disclose all but we recently learned that the Clintons kept 1100 foreign donors secret.

In 2012, Bill Clinton expressed his concerns about the conflict of interest for a Secretary of State to have a foundation that collects donations from foreign governments. He claimed they suspended donations when he knew they didn’t.

Here is Hillary Clinton talking about trust while she is embroiled in this revelation of a failure to disclose.

The deal with Barack Obama was violated repeatedly. Even what was disclosed was a problem because the people listed as donors didn’t always give the donation. The Clinton Health Access Initiative didn’t even give the names of their donors.

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