Baltimore Schools To Teach The Three Rs: Readin’, wRitin’, and Redistribution

Red State

The Baltimore riots have captured America’s attention this week. Buildings have burned, people have been injured, reporters have been robbed, and there was even a failed attempt at setting off an IED. Yes, seriously.

There will be lessons learned from the events stemming from the terrible and tragic death of Freddie Gray while in police custody, and changes will be made in Baltimore at many levels. One hopes some of these changes will help the community and the police find common ground again. One expects from government, as one does, that there will be a lot of unnecessary gesture-making and grandstanding too.

But among all the pontification and “analysis” we’re seeing, perhaps nothing is more absurd than what is coming out of the Baltimore School District. Witness the following statement issued this week, as reported by Amelia Hamilton for The Stream.

At this time of tension and anxiety regarding the tragic events surrounding Mr. Freddie Gray, we have a heightened responsibility to our students, families, and school communities. First, the safety of our staff and students is our top concern. We are in constant contact with the Mayor’s Office, Baltimore City Police Department, and the City Health Department, and are coordinating with them to ensure we are ready to respond to situations as they arise. We will make crisis counselors and mental health professionals available at schools throughout the city for all of our students, and they will remain as long as it is necessary. Additionally, we have redeployed senior district staff and mobile units to assist in ensuring safe passage of our students between school buildings and bus stops.

We are also communicating with each one of our school leaders around effective instructional strategies to heighten student awareness and understanding of social justice issues. We are deeply concerned about our students and community, and we hope to treat this situation not only as a teachable moment but also a time for thoughtful reflection on how we can reduce conflict and violence in our society. We will continue to be vigilant in our support for all of the city’s young people

Did you catch that? They’re going to “heighten student awareness and understanding of social justice issues.” For those of you blissfully unaware, “Social Justice” and its proponents (derisively referred to by their detractors as “Social Justice Warriors” or just SJWs), are the pseudo-communist, redistributionist, revisionist, race-baiting, Orwellian, anti-free speech, socialist, political correctness modern übermensch leftists, masquerading as concerned liberals who believe that America is bad, white people are worse, all men are rapists, and basically every other preposterous, exaggerated cartoon-like fever-swamp fantasy you might find at your average Occupy rally, in postings at Tumblr (their natural habitat online), or perhaps randomly sputtered by some malfunctioning fortune cookie machine. “Your lucky number is 12. Cis racists are poisoning your coffee.”

SJWs are the folks you see who demand that you not use gender pronouns for animals because the animal can’t communicate to you what gender they identify with. Oh yes, that is a real thing. The group that tells you, with a straight face (sorry, with a non-crooked face) to “check your privilege” or to “sit down and let us abolish you.” Yes, also a real thing. And these are the voices you hear that cry out “America is racist”, who preach and teach that the nation is nothing but a “white power” structure designed to and explicitly being used to oppress minorities in order to elevate white people, with malice and forethought.

But most of all, most importantly, and above all else, this is the group that believes in the redistribution of wealth.

The overarching goal of “social justice” is simply that: taking from some to give to others. At the Netroots Nation conference in Detroit last year, they made no effort to hide this fact. Indeed they had whole sessions about it. Even the global warming panels were very clear that the ultimate goal was to redistribute wealth. As The Stream notes, it is not kept under wraps on Twitter either.

Wealth transfer. That’s the buzz word. But it’s not just in or among private citizens, no, they mean worldwide and on the scale of nations. Bringing down America, slicing up her prosperity and giving it to other countries is a stated, worked for goal. That is who social justice warriors are.

Shamelessly, but predictably, they now use the Baltimore riots as their excuse to indoctrinate children in full view of the public, and probably with no small amount of public approval. Public schools are going to be teaching children – indeed in many places around America already are teaching children – that the American system of governance and the American system of commerce are inherently evil, unjust enterprises against which all must struggle and resist. Make no mistake, this is not, and will not be, about whether or not police were wrong, or even that they are frequently wrong. The riot in Baltimore isn’t even about that. Already the usual suspects are writing articles about the economic injustice that is really behind the rioting. We have real problems in this country with race, that is true, and with the relationship between police and minority communities. But the Social Justice Warrior sees that only as a device. It is not what the new “social justice” platform will be about. It will instead be that American society is wrong, an obvious and national illness which needs a cure. Perhaps a violent one.

If you want to see a real cry for justice, look no further than this man, a victim of the rioters, who tries to bring reason into chaos. There are thousands of other examples. You would think their voices would be louder, more heard, and more understood.

But so strong is the influence of the “Social Justice” movement, so devious their language, so potent their weapons, so willing their intolerance of dissent, that one hardly expects a whisper of resistance. It is easy, now, for social justice to move in and take over. It is simple. And expected.

This should not sound far-fetched or paranoid or “reading too much into it” to anyone who hears daily the talk of a “war on women” or “rape culture” in America. It should not seem overblown or outsize to anyone who has heard Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson speak about race. Or for that matter President Obama or former Attorney General Eric Holder. It is certainly no surprising assessment for anyone who has spent enough time on the internet to see SJWs in action.

This is how Baltimore schools are coping with the rioting. Not by teaching civics lessons, or the proper role and place of protest or civil disobedience. Not by invoking Rosa Parks or even Gandhi. They are not responding by explaining the laws and the orderly conduct of our civilized society and the place for redress of grievances. Not by telling children to petition the government, to write letters, or do any of the things that are proper for children. No, instead, this public school system run by the government and funded by tax dollars is going to teach the children about Social Justice. About unrest and strife and racial animus. Not teach that these things exist, but teach that they are tools to be used, ends to be achieved.

This is America in 2015. And it is slipping away.

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