When Looting and Rioting Happened from 2001-2008, the media blamed BUSH…

Free Republic

Watching the city of Baltimore burn, hearing the lame mayor there talk about giving thugs “space”….recalling the riots of Ferguson, as well as the violence seen over Eric Garner and the attacker of George Zimmerman…..

My mind was brought back to the time when Bush was President….New Orleans was the primary catalyst, but it sure seems to me WHENEVER there was domestic unrest or unhappiness on the streets of America, GEORGE W BUSH was being blamed.

The man child Obama is getting a FREE PASS AGAIN.

I just heard a local media report assure us Loretta Lynch was going to send some officials to Baltimore “in a few days”……O REALLY?? Gonna take a few days to get folks ALL THE WAY TO BALTIMORE?!

The entire Valerie Jarrett administration is a joke.

No he didn't

2 thoughts on “When Looting and Rioting Happened from 2001-2008, the media blamed BUSH…

  1. I wish that kind of disturbance would happen here. I’d show the liberals AND the law enforcement community what should be done. Here’s a hint- if you get attacked or your property is attacked- you defend it by any means necessary. Be it a gunshot in the air, a shotgun at your side, or- God forbid- you are vastly outnumbered and an attack is imminent, you start dropping people that attack you or your property until they stop. They will get the message real fast. Last I checked this is still America- no matter how much Obumma and his liberal friends want otherwise-we have the right to defend our property and ourselves per the Constitution. We just need to take that attitude- along with the rights and attitudes to return this country to what it was meant to be-and IF we really need another party to run under- Call it the Constitutional Party. Either way we need to stop talking and start doing people. Are you really going to tell me the Left/ Liberals/ Socialist/ pieces of garbage (And yes I’m being VERY reserved)are going to continue running this Country?

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