The PC Jihad at Home Abets the ISIS Jihad Abroad Against Christians


Americans electing a President who is standing by his promise to stand by the Moslems is having its effect on Christians in the Middle East. Family Research Council President Tony Perkins makes the case:

“Ask Christian Wives, mothers and daughters overseas. Their husbands, sons and fathers are being beheaded or shot by radical Islamic jihadists like ISIS. They are being driven from their homes. Children are being martyred,” Perkins explained. “And our administration has done little to help, and for months resisted calling this massacre of Christians by Islamic jihadists what it is.”

“As General [Jerry] Boykin and I testified before the United Nations on Friday April 17, our administration’s persecution of Christians within our borders is emboldening the attack on Christians worldwide,” Perkins continued. “Why would Islamic butchers fear our government, or believe the United States would defend Christians elsewhere when they do nothing to help Christians under attack for their faith right here in America?”

As an example of how religious convictions are no longer tolerated in the American workplace and public realm, Perkins mentioned how former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran was relieved of his duties after he published and distributed a book, which he wrote for his prayer group that briefly described his biblical view that homosexuality is a sin. …

“The same rampage of ‘political correctness’ that attacked Kelvin Cochran’s freedom to believe is coming to your state, your town, your church,” Perkins wrote. “Christians you know are targets… maybe Christians in your own home. The same rampage of hate that destroyed the career of Kelvin Cochran tells the killers in ISIS, who closely watch America’s domestic affairs, that our government doesn’t value religious freedom of belief.”

Islam is an opportunistic disease. For centuries it has expanded — largely at the expense of Christianity — whenever its adherents have seen an opportunity. America is now under the thumb of people who aggressively oppose the Christian religion, and who refuse to acknowledge atrocities committed in the name of Islam. Christians in the Middle East have no protector in an America run by the likes of Obama. What better opportunity to wipe out the last of them?

Responding like this to Islamic terror attacks provides encouragement

Obama’s Somali Immigrants Protest in Minnesota, Demand Six Terrorists Be Freed

Independent Sentinel

About 100 Somalis rallied at the Minnesota State Capitol Saturday, demanding the release of six terror suspects.

Somalis protesting

They want the attacks against them stopped, they claimed.


Six Somali men were arrested for trying to join ISIS along with two in San Diego and another who made Twitter threats. The mothers of three of the terrorists were at the protest.

U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger admitted last Monday that they have a problem in this community.

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