The Constitutional Crisis Has Passed – We Don’t Have a Constitution

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The Constitution Is So Over And I Can Prove It

There are many reasons for saying there is no Constitution. We won’t bore you with all of them, just the most glaring ones. It is possible and even probable that we will never get the rule of law back.

We not only don’t have rule by law, we don’t have borders. They’ve been effectively erased. The fact that we like many of the people coming into the country has made us a land that rules by emotion instead of by law.

We don’t have a broken law, that’s deceit pedaled by politicians, the problem is that we don’t follow the law.

Anyone can come in and almost no one is being deported. Even felons get to stay. Traitorous congressmen run around the country telling illegals how to manipulate and evade the law.

Once illegals make it into the country, the government has their backs. The government gives them unlimited freebies and makes them part of a poor third world subculture right here in the United States. When they can, they give them jobs that citizens should have.

The Congress just approved Loretta Lynch as the chief law enforcement officer in the land. She has made it clear she wants illegals to be given jobs. One of the most effective ways to discourage illegals is to not give them jobs and enforce e-verify.

The fact that Ms. Lynch made it clear she agrees with all the unconstitutional acts of the Obama administration did not dissuade all the Democrats and a number of Republicans including leader Mitch McConnell from voting for her. That is because the law of the land is meaningless to these people.

Treaties can now be approved by the president.

The constitution is clear on the issue. Treaties must be approved by a 2/3rds majority of the Senate. Not only has Mr. Obama taken to calling obvious treaties “agreements” but the Senate, under the leadership of Sen. Corker will allow him to do it. They even passed a bill to condone it.

Now that we don’t have Senate approval of treaties, this can be used to approve all manner of treaties such as the Arms Trade Treaty and the Law of the Sea Treaty to name two.

The Iran nuclear treaty will be passed by a simple majority or it will be blocked by Democrats. Obama can refuse to sign the bill and he will do exactly that if he feels like it which he probably will. Either way, Congress has no authority over it thanks to their Corker bill. That’s why it was passed unanimously. Everyone in the Senate agrees that the president can make treaties.

If you need more proof, look at the other treaties. TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) for instance has been hidden from the public except for what has leaked out. What we do know is it is mostly a political bill of thousands of pages and that it gives tremendous power to global authorities. It is possible that businesses in the US will be sued and tried in foreign countries by foreign judges. It is possible that Americans unaware of other countries copyright laws can be treated as pirates. It’s possible the US will lose even more American jobs once they are in competititon with the Vietnamese who make 7 cents an hour. It will fill the coffers of the super-rich and it will make the Chamber of Commerce happy.

Nothing is being done in the treaty to address currency manipulation.

A U.S. Trade Representative – a Mr. Froman – has negotiated this trade deal between the U.S. and Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam. It will never be submitted to the Senate for two-thirds majority treaty ratification.

It is with this as a backdrop that our Congress wants to give Mr. Obama authority to negotiate the treaty on his own. The same president that they themselves call an imperial president.

All Obama has to do with this major treaty is “consult” with Congress. The power of the Constitution will be suspended. There will be a straight up-and-down vote – a simple majority in both houses of Congress.

We know how that vote will go but the American worker is the one who will pay for it. That’s how these deals go. This isn’t a free trade treaty, which I fully support, it’s a political treaty filled with regulations.

These treaties are setting us up for a loss of sovereignty in a global governance superstructure. This is the infrastucture being set up.

Barack Obama declares war when he feels like it. He declared war on Libya and then refused to help the Libyans afterward knowing that al Qaeda was moving in. Now ISIS is a presence in the country and millions are fleeing in desperation from what is now a failed state.

He won’t on the other hand help countries desperate for help who are willing to put boots on the ground even though our shared enemies will present an existential threat in the near future. Mr. Obama is aiding and abetting them by keeping our borders open and allowing Iran to get the bomb even as they supply uranium to North Korea, Syria, et al and even as they say they can’t wait to sell uranium once the deal is complete. The deal doesn’t even include inspections, sanctions or limits on development of ICBMs.

This is why people think Mr. Obama is the Manchurian Candidate. He’s not stupid so why is he doing it. We now have to ask ourselves why is Congress doing what they are doing.

Climate change is another one. Legislation under the guise of rules is being written by unelected bureaucrats in the EPA. Property is being stolen by the Bureau of Land Management. Many farmers and ranchers are being sued into non-existence with a misuse of legislation and by liberal judges.

Climate change mandates by Mr. Obama are meant to destroy fossil fuels in this country. Coal is first up but he’s after all of them. What he can’t destroy, he will tax into oblivion.

Agencies are ruling us. Obama’s guidance issuances, executive orders, and other initiatives have set up a corrupt and insidious infrastructure throughout our government to implement his far-left policies. Climate change is now the mission of NASA, the DOD, the USDA, every agency.

Mr. Obama signed off on secretaries, including Mr. and Mrs. Clinton who gave away up to 50% of our uranium.

It’s so serious that even some of our left-wing newspapers are reporting it. They might have a hidden agenda, but I like to think they care somewhat.

Once one amendment falls, they will all fall. Several of our amendments are under attack and there is hardly enough resistance.

PC is attacking free speech, the gun grabbers want the guns of law-abiding citizens, privacy is gone thanks to abuses of NSA and the list goes on.

There is far more proof that the country is no longer under the rule of law but how long can we make this article. We are under the law of the executive. In other words, we have a dictator and we are heading for a one-party system.

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