Impeach the traitor now!


Renew America

Last week, we were forced to witness the true colors of our ultra-socialist and pro-terrorist President Barack Hussein Obama again. Fresh off of his capitulation to his Muslim brothers in Tehran with regard to the sham nuclear negotiations that threaten the annihilation of not just Israel but also our own country, he seized the opportunity at the Summit of the Americas in Panama City, Panama, to advance his dastardly plan to open full diplomatic relations with the Communist island of Cuba.

Shaking the hands of brutal and blood-thirsty dictator Raul Castro, the younger brother of Fidel Castro, a man who has waged his own version of the Holocaust against his people since the early 1960s when he seized power, Obama later in the week removed Cuba from the list of terrorist nations. Fidel and Raul Castro, the terrorist-supporting dictators, even installed Soviet nuclear weapons on the island in 1962, only to be forced to remove them later under President Kennedy’s naval blockade and the threat of a full-fledged nuclear strike by the United States. But, what makes matters worse is that Obama received nothing in return from his Communist friends.

This is typical of Obama. He is a communist and a Muslim (who gives preferential treatment to Muslims over Judeo-Christian values) at heart and has acted accordingly over the last six years since he and his administration cleverly seized power over We the People by passing himself off as an amiable mainstream liberal, a Christian, and someone who is a natural born citizen eligible to be president. Notwithstanding the ever-growing list of Obama scandals, from IRS-gate, to Benghazi-gate, to Fast and Furious-gate, to NSA/CIA-gate, to Obamacare-gate, to Amnesty-gate, and many others – where he has ignored and defied the power of Congress and subverted not just the Constitution but also the rule of law time and time again – King Hussein is now on the verge doing such permanent traitorous damage to our national security that he should be removed from office for this alone.

Indeed, if Obama were a white man, a la President Nixon, he would have been impeached and forced to resign by now. (And Nixon was at least a patriot.) But Obama and many of his henchmen, like Attorney General Eric Holder, a true fellow criminal and racist, know well how to play the so-called race card. Criticize him in any way and this amounts to an attack upon not just him but his “people.” Given “opposition” Republican fears that they will be tarred as racist in time for the next presidential elections (on top of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton calling them sexist), Obama thus has reason to believe that he has carte blanche to do as he pleases; and doing as he pleases means deconstructing the nation to pay reparations in the form of higher taxes and other socialist programs the white middle and upper class is forced in particular to bear, and to reduce the power of the United States to ash. In doing the latter, either by design or otherwise, Obama has not only furthered a Muslim caliphate in the Middle East and around the world, but now is waging a revival of and opening the door to communism in our own hemisphere, something former Democratic presidents, including even the dunce Jimmy Carter, never had the “chutzpah” to do.

It is thus time for Republicans, sincere Democrats (perhaps an oxymoron), and independents in Congress to act. The nation comes first, and the heritage of our Founding Fathers and the free nation they bequeathed to us is at stake. We simply cannot sit back for another two years, hoping that King Hussein will leave office peacefully, waiting for a new day when We the People have a president who loves and wants to protect our country and acts accordingly. By that time, more than irreparable damage will have been done to the state of the nation.

Articles of impeachment must now be drafted and presented to the House of Representatives. Republicans and other representatives can no longer be allowed to hide for cover on fear of being branded racists and sexists. Presidents Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were impeached for far less – the latter over an intern named Monica Lewinsky. Our nation’s representatives have a legal and moral obligation not to leave this traitor in office one minute longer. They must be forced by We the People to act, on threat of having themselves rooted from their elitist establishment congressional perches and lose their office. The President of the United States is an insidious traitor, plain and simple. He is worse than Benedict Arnold during Revolutionary War days, particularly since more is at stake, and we have even more to lose in today’s nuclear and terrorist age.

It is not acceptable for Obama to coddle communist and Muslim demagogues and dictators, and much worse further their interests by reintroducing communism to the Western hemisphere in the case of Cuba and allowing Iranian fanatics in Tehran to acquire the nuclear weapons to destroy and, at a minimum, blackmail us, as well as the rest of Western civilization, into submission to their Islamic caliphate.

If our representatives cannot and will not do their jobs and get rid of this dangerous scourge now occupying the Oval Office, then We the People will need to rise up and legally get the job done!

© Larry Klayman

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