Years After GSA Las Vegas Conference Scandal, Agencies Still Hold Lavish Events


A few years after the General Services Administration’s (GSA) scandalous Las Vegas conference fleeced American taxpayers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, another federal agency is being exposed for covering up its lavish events totaling millions.

The Department of Labor (DOL) spent nearly $2 million on questionable extracurricular events then tried to cover it up, according to a federal audit made public recently. In fact, the agency failed to follow federal reporting guidelines for many of its pricey employee conferences, including more than a dozen that cost American taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars. The two more expensive ones cost $225,000 and $131,000 with the others running close to $100,000, according to the report issued by the DOL Inspector General.

After the GSA debacle Congress passed a measure to tighten the reins on this sort of outrageous spending for federal agency employee events, yet we see nothing has really changed. Heads publicly rolled when the GSA Inspector General published a scathing report exposing the lavish Las Vegas powwow, which featured luxury accommodations for staff and their loved ones, fine cuisine, wild parties and expensive gifts. Adding insult to injury, dozens of GSA workers were actually awarded cash bonuses for arranging the outlandish Sin City celebration.

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