California Won’t Be Able to Pay for All That Free Healthcare for Illegals


Independent Sentinel

California is working hard to facilitate illegal immigration while other states are looking at immigration enforcement. They’re giving away freebies, including healthcare.

California is a one-party government, like the old Soviet Union, and there’s little in the way of effective opposition. They like to spread around other people’s money especially to poor illegal aliens.

Californians already offer health services free or at low cost to the uninsured, low-income residents who don’t get it under Obamacare.

Several counties offer the same healthcare to illegal aliens.

One in ten Californians are in the country illegally and 58% of them do not have health insurance, according to the LA Times. Illegal immigrants are not eligible for Obamacare – Covered California.

Legislative Democrats passed a package of bills recently that are meant to aid and protect undocumented immigrants for humanitarian reasons but they do nothing to protect middle class jobs that will help pay for this generosity.

Senator Ricardo Lara’s SB 4 (Healthcare for All) is the worst of the bills. It would add 1.5 million Illegal immigrants to the already burdened healthcare rolls. Those who are eligible for a stay in deportation can sign up for California’s Medi-Cal and that adds another .5 million. It helps blur or dissolve the lines between legal and illegal immigration.

All of this expense is being incurred without any consideration for corresponding job creation.

One-third of Californians are already on Medi-Cal.

California has undergone massive changes over the last few decades as it has become inundated with immigrants, most of whom are in California illegally.

Supposedly we have only 11 million illegal immigrants living in the country and one-third are living in California? That’s the tale we are being told.

More illegal immigrants are pouring in because they’ve been invited in by radical Democrats offering freebies. Since the state started issuing driver’s licenses last year, 500,000 illegal immigrants applied, the WSJ tells us.

California is no longer the state that passed Proposition 187 which attempted to deny education, healthcare and other benefits to illegals and that is the result of actions by liberal judges in the court system and because of a growing and influential illegal immigration population.

California was one of the first states to offer in-state tuition to illegal aliens.

All of the welfare and other benefits encourage more illegal immigration but that is what Gov. Moonbeam Brown and President Moonbat Obama want.

Gov. Brown’s burgeoning healthcare costs are going to eventually break the budget.

Fresno County attempted a revolt. They said they could no longer afford the indigent healthcare program. The program costs more than $100 million dollars.

They don’t even pay the total costs. For instance, the state pays $14 million towards the costs but those funds will disappear once Obamacare is fully implemented.

Most of the people in Fresno who qualify for the indigent program are illegal aliens.

Fresno had asked a judge to dissolve the 1984 order that requires illegal aliens to be covered but then they decided to take it out of their road funds instead.

Fresno surrendered in a 3-2 council vote with Brian Pacheco, Buddy Mendes and Henry R. Perea voting to take $5.6 million out of the repayment of road funds to the state.

They were the only county trying to end the program.

I sense bankruptcy in their future.

They don’t have a plan to repay the state and they don’t have a plan for acquiring future funds for the program when this runs out.

“This is the right thing to do,” Pacheco said.

Board Chairwoman Debbie Poochigian and Andreas Borgeas opposed the motion made by Pacheco. And the decision came after a testy exchange among board members, with Borgeas calling the county’s plan a “social experiment” and Perea saying that Borgeas’ comment made “his blood boil.”

Supporters of health care for undocumented immigrants have followed the issue and on Tuesday applauded the board’s decision. One woman calls the illegal aliens ‘Fresnians’.

California’s influx of illegal immigrants came after several previous amnesty agreements legalized millions, extending benefits to them.

This same socialist mentality will consume the entire nation under Barack Obama’s plans to invite more illegal immigration and legalize the ones who are here. He has already erased the borders. All will be done in the name of doing the right thing.

no borders

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