When Barack’s just ‘Private Citizen’ Obama




We long for the relief of the 2016 presidential election being over without really seeing that Barack Obama’s presidency is the true life horror of a never-ending presidency.

Obama will likely be even more dangerous out of office than he was in office.

There is no doubt that joyful, resounding cheers will follow the celebrated retirement of the most anti-American president ever elected when he departs from the White House in can’t-come-too-soon January 2017.

Cheers guaranteed to soon become fears in contemplation of this chilling thought:

Obama will be taking every secret ever stored at the White House with him when he goes.  Over nine years as a top insider,  he knows America’s every vulnerability—including those he created himself—even when and where it’s best for the enemy to strike.  When it comes to data control, Obama is the Edward Snowden of the Information toss.

If taking state secrets with his final White House departure sounds far fetched, remember that Obama so hated America that he dedicated his life to fundamentally transforming it.

During the process, he blew away—like so much dandelion fluff— America’s once clearly defined borders.

Once out of office, will Obama and his czars regroup in the comfort of some off-shore tropical paradise to bulldoze on with what they have been doing for the past almost-decade and even before?

Out of office, Obama will relish the convenient cover of living underground almost as much as he loved being omnipresent on television and computer screens.

In essence, we knew nothing concrete about him while he was president, and we’ll know even less when he’s an official nobody as Citizen Barack Obama.

Count on the cunning United Nations providing uber cover for Citizen Obama.

Remember the United Nations provides airtight immunity for all of its operatives.

In absentia, Obama will not necessarily live in New York, Chicago or a mansion in Hawaii.

How many Muslim countries the Obama clan aided and abetted during his destructive presidency would be thrilled to take them in?

Barack, Michelle and Valerie Jarrett came into power as community organizer street activists and go back into private life with the same qualifications.

Will this motley crew now be the brains behind where to send the nuclear bombs that Iran got to keep to lob at the Free West?

There is no guarantee that hatred in office dies when it is out of office.

For we the people, it pays to keep reality ahead of emotion.

Being out of office gives Obama even more ability to undermine the country he tried so hard to destroy; the country he loves to hate.

Obama will set to work on the undermining of any Republican president who replaces him.

Should Hillary Clinton ever make it into the oval office as president, Obama will work for her from private life.

Count on it.

Like the many other politicians who enrich themselves while in office, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein style, the Obamas will likely leave the White House enriched with fabulous lifelong wealth.

Have you ever seen a single story anywhere about how much wealth the Obamas have acquired during their overly long White House stay? If there were none during the past seven years, will any be written during the next year and a half?

Obama and activist friends won’t have to worry about spending their time on honest hard work.  In addition to their own private wealth, they will continue to have access to billionaires like George Soros once they return to private life.

There’s been talk, talk talk and whining, but never any action about the mainstream media never having vetted Obama when the Democrats jettisoned him into power.

If the mainstream media did not vet Obama while he was in the White House, will they vet him when he’s Citizen Barack?

Will some of the 2016 destined-to-retire Obama Dems join their leader in retirement?

Obama should be checked and rechecked before he leaves the White House by whatever authority necessary, because when Obama leaves office he’ll be taking America’s secrets with him.

That makes him even more dangerous than he’s been as Commander in Chief.

“Stop Thief!” has never had quite a more critical meaning than it does right now.

One thought on “When Barack’s just ‘Private Citizen’ Obama

  1. how about when he’s prisoner number 666-666-666?

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