Terrorists Return Home to America And They’re Not In Handcuffs As Promised…


Independent Sentinel

There is no other way to put it. Americans have gone off to fight with terrorists and now they are returning home without any repercussions whatsoever and they do pose a threat.

This is at a time when we’re so worried about homegrown terrorism.

We can’t keep track of them, that we know.

Norway is putting these returnees on trial. The UK is considering taking their passports away. We are doing nothing though we supposedly watch them.

My former congressman slipped last year and said 40 were back (go to 01:00 on the mark). At the time, he said they weren’t a threat. The White House vigorously denied that any had returned home though one official admitted to 16 returning home during an interview with The Daily Beast.

Remember when Secretary of State John Kerry said they would be put in handcuffs if they came back?

Kerry said the following on September 14, 2014 before a House Foreign Affairs Committee:

What I want to make certain, Kerry told the congressional panel, ‘is that anybody who has a passport [and joins with ISIS] ‘who returns, returns in handcuffs – not through customs with their passport.’

‘I don’t think these guys are ten feet tall,’ he said later.

Committee chairman Rep. Ed Royce, a California Republican, agreed.

‘I think we need a way to approach this to make certain that their ability to come into the United States is made a hell of a lot more difficult than it is right now,’ Royce told the secretary.

But Kerry warned about the possibility of interfering with law enforcement, saying that canceling a passport could give suspected terrorists a heads-up that they’ve been identified in Washington.

‘We … need to do that with sensitivity to certain investigations that may be going on,’ said Kerry, ‘because you don’t want to flag something.’

During the same hearing, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said that ‘the suspension of passports should be considered on a case-by-case basis,’ not with a law that drives every circumstance toward a single outcome.

‘Suspension and revocation of passports can be done on an expedited basis when the situation warrants, in a matter of hours or days,’ he said.

They’re not doing that either.

Clip available on C-Span, 30:05

Townhall posted this on September 11th:

For months intelligence agencies, lawmakers and everyday citizens have been sounding the alarm and voicing concerns about hundreds of Americans fighting for ISIS who still hold valid U.S. or western passports. At this point, the State Department still has not confirmed that passports belong to Americans knowingly fighting for ISIS have been revoked, boosting concerns ISIS fighters will use them to regain entrance into the United States. Now, officials inside the Department of Homeland Security are finally admitting that Americans fighting with ISIS and in possession of U.S. passports do in fact pose a threat.

The admission to the threat came yesterday during a hearing held by the House Homeland Security Committee. Chairman Michael McCaul expressed concerns about Americans fighting for ISIS returning to the United States undetected.

They pose a threat!!

Does local law enforcement even know who they are? They aren’t allowed to know who the illegal aliens are.

FBI director Jim Comey said ISIS – that’s not including al Qaeda, al Shabaab, et al – have presence in 50 states.

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