Federal Judge Hands Tea Party Huge Victory Against the IRS

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A federal judge has ordered the IRS to hand over a list of 298 Tea Party groups that were targeted by Obama the IRS for extra scrutiny in an effort to keep them from working against Obama in the 2012 election.  This is an important development since the Tea Party groups are looking to be certified for a class action suit.  That in itself is a big development for the groups but more importantly, once they are granted class action status, they can begin to ask for large quantities of emails, files and other evidence during the discovery phase.  The IRS argued that it was illegal for them to hand over the list because of the privacy issue.  The judge said there exceptions for that rule and ordered the release.

This is the last legal battle still available for the Tea Party.  There had been several cases filed against the IRS to prevent them from continuing to target their groups.  Those cases were tossed based on testimony from IRS chief, John Koskinen where he said the targeting has stopped, despite the fact that there are a number of groups who have been waiting as long as five years in order to get approved.  Koskinen has offered the groups approval if they limit their political activity to 40% of their actions.  The Tea Party groups have rejected that since the limit for liberal groups is 49.9%.

, who sits in the Southern District of Ohio also asked the IRS if a partial list posted by USA Today was genuine:

“The return information sought is directly related to the issue of class certification in this federal court proceeding.  The names of the putative class member organizations and their control dates — the date which the putative class member organizations submitted their applications for tax exempt status to the IRS — are directly related to the issue of class certification.”

The class action can also be used to punish those in charge of the obstruction.  My suggestions would be Lois Lerner, Nikole Flax and Obama’s political appointee, William Wilkins.  These three should be listed as co-defendants.

One thought on “Federal Judge Hands Tea Party Huge Victory Against the IRS

  1. The first action that should be supported by this class of Tea Party organization is remedial … to make sure it does not happen again. Congressional action establishing stronger guidelines must be drawn up by the IRS and submitted to Congress. Also a fine of $10,000 per month should be assessed against the IRS and applied to each Tea Party organization, to be paid off by tax rebates to said organizations.

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