An impeachable offense

Free Republic

This is serious business. What no one seems to want to talk about in public is the fact that the negotiations between Iran, the United States and its allies have the potential to lead to a world war. If Iran is seen by Israel to be close to developing a nuclear warhead to go with its ready missiles, the odds are that Israel will launch a pre-emptive strike on Iran’s nuclear sites. However, Iran has managed to diversify its nuclear laboratories all over the country, thus vastly complicating the targeting for such a strike and also making its capabilities much more likely to survive such attacks and then to retaliate. If that happens, the United States will have to support Israel, and there is a good chance that Russia will side with Iran. Like the Sarajevo assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand in an obscure country which led to World War I, this confrontation could lead to another world war. The stakes thus are very high. What should we do? The Obama administration has decided to try to negotiate away this threat. The carrot the West holds is the sanctions which were in place before this negotiation began, and a significant portion of which were cancelled as a condition for the talks to begin. These and more stringent sanctions are also the stick held by the West. The goal of the West is to eliminate or at least delay Iran’s progress toward possession of a nuclear capability. At issue is the likelihood for enforcement of whatever commitments Iran might make regarding its nuclear program. The West is insisting on “intrusive inspections” by Western authorities to certify Iran’s

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