Obama Launches His Plan to Commit Treason Against the United States of America


Conservative Tribune

The nation of Israel has hordes of enemies waiting just beyond the borders of the Jewish democracy. However, the most dangerous country to Israel’s continued existence may be an ally.

Sources contend that President Barack Obama might stop blocking a United Nations resolution that would “call for the resumption of political talks to conclude a final peace settlement” in the wake of Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election as prime minister.

Such a move would favor the Palestinian Authority in peace talks by automatically dictating a two-state solution regardless of Palestine’s behavior.

The administration understands that Congress is behind Netanyahu, so the president may seek to use the power of U.N. as a workaround to the Constitution and our treaty partnership with Israel.

In addition, Obama is apparently reconsidering his opposition to Palestine joining the International Criminal Court, which would allow the Palestinians to press war crimes charges against the Israelis.

Under current federal law, passed by Congress and approved by the president, the Palestinians would lose all aid from America — which totals over $400 million and is one of the things keeping the Palestinian Authority solvent — upon joining the ICC, according to Breitbart.

However, sources are suggesting the president is trying to find ways around the ban, because who cares about the law?

Some commentators characterize the power struggle in the Palestinian Authority as being between a terrorist organization in Hamas and a corrupt, Western-favored organization in Fatah. They’re wrong, though.

It’s a power struggle between a terrorist organization in Hamas and a corrupt terrorist organization in Fatah.

Keep in mind that Fatah played major roles in both Intifadas. The terrorist group Black September, responsible for the 1972 Munich Olympic massacre and various plane hijackings, was also an offshoot of Fatah.

These are the two parties President Obama wants to bypass Congress to appease over the objections of one of our closest allies in the Middle East. And all because the guy they didn’t want to win, did.

I shall leave that fact for your summary judgment and ask you whether this is a president who has the best interests of the country or its allies in mind.

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