Bibi’s Truth: Forty years of Liberal Betrayal

American Thinker

I don’t know what Israel’s Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is going to say to the U.S. Congress on Tuesday. Obama and the sleaze media will try to make this story all about Bibi and phony “violations of protocol.”

Bibi will try to tell the truth.

Who will you listen to? This is a once-in-a-lifetime event. This time it really matters. Life or death, war or peace, lies or the truth.

This time it’s literally life or death -– not just for one person, but for entire nations and ethnic peoples.If you doubt that, just see what ISIS is doing to the indigenous Christians who lived in the Middle East centuries before Islam.

Here’s what I hope he will say.

  1. Israel is not the problem in the ME. Nor is any concession Israel could make “the solution,” as liberals seem to think, in their amazingly delusional way. If Israel were to surrender to its genocidal enemies tomorrow, it wouldn’t make a smidgen of difference to all the warring cults and regimes over there. ISIS would still be killing all the same people, because ISIS follows Wahhabi (Saudi) war theology, in which all infidels (you and me), heretics (the mullahs), and polytheists (Hindus and Buddhists) deserve to die by “striking at the neck,” as the Koran says, just like those innocent flight attendants on 9/11/01.
  2. The idea that “Israel is the problem in the Middle East” has obsessed liberal foreign policy professors at least since Arab Oil Embargo of 1973. Today the Muslim Brotherhood runs the “Muslim Student Union” at UC Berkeley and its ilk, in active collusion with radical leftists — like Obama.
  3. Last week Admiral James (“Ace) Lyons (USN, ret.) spoke the blunt truth about Muslim infiltration, subversion, and sabotage of the U.S. government.

“For years, the Muslim Brotherhood has been able to penetrate our national security agencies, and now it is institutionalized. It is the same type of penetration the communists were able to achieve in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s to influence our policies and operations.

It must be understood that there is no difference between the objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda. Any distinction lies only in the tactics they use to achieve their objectives: Destroy the United States and replace the Constitution with Shariah law.”

Admiral Lyons was there when Jimmy Carter allowed the ayatollahs to take over Iran, a story that never made any sense, because it assumed that Carter and his NSC head, Zbig Brzezinski, never understood what a fanatical mass killer Khomeini actually was.

Like Adolf Hitler and Lenin, Khomeini wrote about his plans for Iran, before the U.S. allowed him to take over from the Shah. Khomeinist Iran was the first Muslim nation to be run by a sadistic theocratic priesthood, determined to destroy the West (and Israel, of course) to play out its nuclear Armageddon nightmare.

Those are the people that Carter and Zbig brought into power.

Since Iran’s fallback into the early Dark Ages, Islamofascist ideologies have taken over:

  1. Lebanon
  2. Turkey
  3. Syria
  4. Libya
  5. Yemen
  6. Parts of every major European city
  7. Parts of the U.S. government.

Without Obama’s collusion with Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood, Iraq might have been kept free of Islamofascist control. Some parts of Afghanistan that are now reverting to the brutal Taliban might have been saved or kept from being overrun. Hundreds of millions of women are now condemned to Shari’a house arrest and religiously sanctioned beatings. Boko Haram’s Muslim slave raids, massive child abuse, and slave markets should shame our first black American president.

Obama is not the first liberal enabler of Islamic fascism. It started with Carter.

But allowing Iranian nukes is by far the most dangerous act of submission to violent Islam. If this is Obama’s legacy, he will be remembered as the biggest warmonger in history.

3 thoughts on “Bibi’s Truth: Forty years of Liberal Betrayal

  1. he’ll tell the truth? Will he start with that he’s not a Semite and neither are the 90% of Israelis who are Ashkenazi Jews?
    Look up Ashkenaz in Genesis 10:3 or wikipedia and see how they descend from Japheth. Semites descend from Isaac or Ishmael, instead.

    So, when bibi or the 90% of the israeli jews talk of anti-Semitism, they’re hypocrites because it’s the palestinians who are Semites. The Ashkenazi are FRAUDULENT OCCUPIERS that took over the area when the British sold it to the Rothschild bankster family.

  2. Obama own words–I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” page 261 “The Audacity of Hope. Obama’s regime will hang with Iran dictators

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