Can We Impeach Now?

Red State

First Barack Obama decided to overreach and extend amnesty by executive order. One judge in Texas has told him no and Republicans are hanging their hat on that judge’s order.

Then the FCC decided to declare internet a public utility. They overreached, rushed it through, and committed to as little transparency as possible to make it happen. Congress did nothing on this front and the FCC decided to replace the Congress on the matter.

Now there are reports that Barack Obama, by executive order and agency regulation, will curtail the manufacture of certain ammunition.

Again and again and again the President of the United States has met the boundaries of his powers and stepped across them. The Senate is now on the verge of confirming his Attorney General appointee who sees no limits to the power of Octavius Obama.

Given Barack Obama’s continuous overreaching of power, I must now ask if it is time to consider impeachment proceedings. Is it even possible?

Of course some of you think I mean against Barack Obama. No, can we impeach, remove from office, or otherwise put metaphorical cement shoes on Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)N/A and Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)67%?

The only reason Barack Obama can and is doing what he is doing is because Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)Heritage ActionScorecardRep. John BoehnerN/AHouse Republican Average61%See Full ScorecardN/A and Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)67% have enabled, emboldened, and incentivized him.

Boehner and McConnell have their press fluffers claim they are tough guys scrapping for a fight. McConnell is cast as Darth Vader. Boehner is cast as the guy in the bar. But in reality they are scared school girls. They will fund the government, extend temporary funding, and otherwise bend over in front of Obama declaring, “Thank you sir, may I have another?”

It speaks volumes that at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, neither Boehner nor McConnell are speaking. Even the American Conservative Union, which is often criticized here and elsewhere as too close to the GOP to be indistinguishable from it, is not having them speak. In fact, ACU deserves credit for the move. The mood here among the several thousand people is deep, deep hostility toward the Republican leadership in Washington.

Much of what Barack Obama is doing, Boehner and McConnell privately support. They have no desire to fight him on Obamacare. They were happy to fund it. They have no desire to fight him on amnesty. They’re happy he did it. And on the issues that they care about, they crap their pants at the thought of a government shutdown.

Folks, we do not need to impeach Barack Obama. He is only getting away with the excesses of his office because Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)N/A and Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)67% are petrified to use the power of the purse to stop him. They are so scared of political damage to themselves that they are willing to allow policy damage to the country and an undermining of the very constitution they swore an oath to defend.

At some point men have to stand up and damn the consequences to do what is right.

But we are not led by leaders of men. We are led by cowards — cowards for whom no oath is meaningful or sacred.

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