It’s Spreading… “Muslim Day” Planned at Another State Capitol

Conservative Tribune

The Council on American-Islamic Relations is at it again, only this time in a new state. The Oklahoma chapter of CAIR has planned a “Muslim Day” at the state capitol on Friday, Feb 27.

CAIR had a “Muslim Day” at the Texas State Capitol building in January, where they were met with sizable protests.

During the Texas rally a woman walked up to the podium, took the mike and stated, “I stand against Islam and the false Prophet Muhammad.”

“Islam will never dominate the United States,” she continued. “And by the grace of God it will not dominate Texas!”

CAIR has been criticized for its ties to the terrorist group Hamas and the fact that it has been declared a “terrorist group” by the government of the United Arab Emirates.

For some reason the Obama administration has not classified CAIR as a terror group, although Hamas is on the American terror list.

Adam Soltani, CAIR’s executive director, says that people in the community are driving “Muslim Day.”

“Several members of our community have come to me, asking how they can get their voices heard and how they can get involved in public affairs,” said Soltani.

Of course the far-left radical American Civil Liberties Union has teamed up with CAIR and is helping to put on the event.

In 2010, Oklahoma overwhelmingly endorsed State Question 755 that would have barred Shariah law from ever serving as a basis for legal rulings in the state.

Those results were barred from certification and the left-leaning 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals declared that the law would violate the Establishment clause and would single out Muslims (H/T KGOU).

That ruling seems to have had an empowering effect on the terror-affiliated CAIR group in Oklahoma.

We certainly encourage all Americans of all faiths and backgrounds to get more involved in the political process.

But when a group with ties to radical Islamic terrorism aims to help Muslims, and only Muslims, become more politically active, one has to wonder what agenda is driving them.

But actually, we don’t wonder very much at all.

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