Stimulus Redux: Obama Wants New Tax To Put America Back To Work Building Roads


Weasel Zippers

A Stimulus a year since Obama took office. On deck the summer of recovery.

Via Washington Examiner

President Obama is expected to reveal a plan to tax offshore profits to fix the U.S.’s infrastructure.

Obama will propose a mandatory 15 percent tax on corporate profits kept abroad in order to fix roads, bridges and other infrastructure around the nation, according to a White House document obtained by Politico.

The proposal will impose taxes on the $2 trillion in profits kept outside the U.S. to “make critical new investments in our roads, bridges, transit systems and freight networks as part of a $478 billion, six-year surface transportation reauthorization,” according the plan’s summary.

Hiking taxes on capital gains as well as ending a loophole that benefits wealthy when their heirs inherit there assets will also be proposed.[…]

This year’s proposal will also include a $176 billion increase in spending on federal highway and transit programs.

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8 thoughts on “Stimulus Redux: Obama Wants New Tax To Put America Back To Work Building Roads

  1. I have to take a dump ! Hope it gets to the right location ?

  2. Wait… What? Didn’t it all get fixed already?

    • Didn’t you ear??????? Barry made a joke about the shovel ready jobs weren’t shovel ready. What a guy. Screws over the People, steals a trillion $$$$$ and then tries to do it again.

      • tries? Holy Crap… we sit here and watch him, and his party, and most of the Repiublicans do it. When was the last time we heard the Debt mentioned? Not the stupid deficit… THE DEBT?

      • Oh, didn’t you hear??? Barry said the deficit has been brought down. I’m still trying to figure out what planet he is on.

      • Or what planet We are on…

      • After the 6 years of 0bama, we are on Bazarro World.

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