Islamic State (ISIS) Escapee: They Are Plotting Something Bigger Than 9/11


Pamela Geller

What’s the Obama administration strategy against an enemy his denial help to build? Operation fetal position. Waiting for Allah’s soldiers.

NBC News buries the lede, of course. Enemedia practices. Here is what the media never says: under President Obama the global jihad has grown to proportions unseen after the defeat of the Ottoman caliphate.

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“ISIS Escapee: They Are Planning To Do Something Bigger Than 9/11,” Western Journalism. (thanks to Midnight Watcher)

By Justin Koski, Western Journalism – “A British medical student – who went looking for ISIS on a search for a friend’s twin daughters who left home to marry terrorists – lived with ISIS, earned their trust, and managed to escape to Turkey. He said that ISIS, or Daesh, are planning something bigger than 9/11.

‘They want to be more better than al-Qaeda,’ Ahmad Rashidi said to NBC’s Richard Engel on Meet the Press. ‘They want to do something more better than the World Trade Center.’

He added that the U.S. bombings are making Daesh ‘happy’ because they elevate the group’s status to that of al-Qaeda.

Rashidi said that he found the women he was looking for, but ran into their husbands along the way. They thought he was a spy – or worse, a journalist – and proceeded to torture him. Miraculously, he managed to earn their trust by saying he wanted to join their cause. They allowed him to wander through the facilities, and he quickly learned of their hatred and intentions.

‘They are full of hate. You can see the fire in the eyes,’ he said. ‘If you smell like European, they are going to kill you.’”

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4 thoughts on “Islamic State (ISIS) Escapee: They Are Plotting Something Bigger Than 9/11

  1. yes, signs and direct words are pointing to ISIS (the CIA) to knock off o’bama. There was that “white house security breach that got by 5 levels of security”. Lapdogs such as crybaby boner/boehner (the rats) are jumping from o’bama’s ship, pretending to actually have spines by making comments against what they LET o’bama do for six years. They even had that story where somebody was plotting to knock off biteme/biden.
    So it seems to me, o’bama hasn’t been the good puppet that they PUT him in there to be so the plan is to “throw him under the bus” (to become a roommate of JFK) but only after they knock off biteme, which would put boner in as replacement VP, so boner could then be a war promoting puppet to do what netanyahu has told him to do.

  2. Ok can we turn they’re part of the world into a glass parking lot?

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