Wow. Here’s the Recruitment Poster the US Army Was Ordered to REMOVE

Conservative Tribune

It doesn’t take much to offend some people, as anyone used to dealing with the American left is already very well aware.

This time, Mikey Weistein, president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, complained about a U.S. Army recruitment poster that had the audacity to mention God.

“On a mission for both God and Country,” the poster outside a Phoenix recruiting station read. How frightful!

recruiting poster

The poster was taken down by order of the Army Recruiting Command on Friday. It is unknown how long it had been on display, but images of it have been online in various social media sites since at least October, according to The Washington Times.

Using the type of exaggerated invective that is bread and butter for liberals with nothing substantial to be upset about, Weinstein described the “Poster of Shame” as a “stunning, unconstitutional disgrace.”

Army Recruiting Command first learned of the poster’s existence on Friday. Spokesman Brian Lepley told the Army Times that it included images provided by the command “but the text was changed by the local recruiting personnel.”

“Had the process been followed, the copy shown would not have been approved,” Lepley explained, adding that the command is looking into who is responsible for creating and displaying the poster.

That, of course, was not enough to satisfy whining liberals.

“The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is delighted that the Constitution has been adhered to by the U.S. Army Recruiting Command,” Weinstein said after the poster was removed, according to the report.

“But whoever, in any way, shape or form, allowed that poster to be designed, prepared and displayed, those individuals should be aggressively investigated and very visibly punished,” he demanded.

Pretty strong words from a grown man who still allows himself to be called “Mikey.”

I won’t try to defend the poster — there is no way in today’s environment of political correctness that it would have been allowed, and the recruiters knew that. If they didn’t, they would have put the wording through the normal approval process.

But for all love, is this really the most important thing Mike Weinstein has to worry about right now? There are a lot of things that Weinstein, himself an Air Force veteran, could be doing to help the men and women of America’s armed forces and his fellow vets.

Whining about a recruiting poster is not one of them.

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