Don’t pretend Paris terror attack has nothing to do with Islam

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Family Security Matters

It’s absolutely right to call the Paris terrorist killings an assault on basic values that the entire free world believes in. But how can so many go on to say, in the same breath, “These barbarians have nothing to do with Islam?”

Those two sentiments, in various forms, dominated English-language TV broadcasts of France 24 yesterday. Both are valid, but they’re contradictory.

“This was an attack on freedom,” French President Francois Hollande said. But then, perhaps to avoid spreading the blame to all of France’s Muslims, the largest such minority in Europe, he added, “We must realize our best weapon is unity. Nothing must separate us or drive us apart.”

Well, something is driving us apart: We believe in freedom; the terrorists don’t.

The hashtag #JeSuisCharlie (“I am Charlie”) dominated Twitter in the hours after the attack on the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, which killed 10 members of the staff and two policemen guarding them.

But are we all Charlie? Very few of us are cartoonists who revel in making fun of Catholics, Hindus, Jews, Muslims and other frequent targets of Charlie Hebdo. Even some press people scoff at such journalism.

Yet it’s easy to understand that when people who make a living using drawing pencils and computer keyboards are gunned down, everybody’s freedom of speech is endangered.


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3 thoughts on “Don’t pretend Paris terror attack has nothing to do with Islam

  1. Killing in the name of a religion has gone on since day one ! Christians are sure the second coming is very soon. I wont hold my breath. People want a better world. I will never forget a Muslim man was so upset during a sales presentation because a sales woman a few feet away had a mini skirt on that almost showed her butt ! I can understand his anger. Our culture has gone way over the top with sexual permissiveness ! We are used to it. That is just the tip of the iceberg. The internet covers so much we get a better idea how crazy things are ! I cant remember the star who just had a photo of her ass taken that went world wide ! I could care less about some Hollywood stars ass. But,today that is important ! The world is a crazy place ! I am glad I am not gay. The word for that was queer once. If Muslims take over they will hang you or worse ! The world is crazy !

  2. They are spot on. It’s easy to see too how we all loose. I mean the free among us. Who are they to declare they aren’t Islamic? — every time it happens.

    You could see the list of those who posted the cartoons and those who refused. So many of the loony left made excuses that possibly offending people is more important. Yep, I’m glad they wrote that right there in the Constitution so we wouldn’t screw up. Notice how it is the Liberal left who abandons the principle. I even saw some Tweet from Greenwald against the idea of publishing them. What was it Paine called them, sunshine patriots? But they aren’t even that.

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