Gen. Thomas McInerney on Paris attack: ‘Political correctness is killing us’


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Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney had a blunt assessment of the terror attacks that killed at least 12 in Paris on Wednesday, telling a Fox News audience that a major driver of the violence was that those in positions of leadership refused to face the realities of radicalized Islam.

“Political correctness is killing us,” he told “Fox & Friends,” adding that the nation’s leaders needed to wake up to the dangers of the religion in order to keep America safe.

The attacks left two police officers and several members of the Paris-based satirical newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, dead. Witnesses said they heard the attackers shout out “the Prophet has been avenged,” and “Allahu Akbar,” various media reported.

France President Francois Hollande, meanwhile, has labeled the attack an act of terror and placed the city on high alert.

The newspaper – firebombed in 2011 after it published a cartoon of the prophet Mohammed – had actually just printed a new cartoon on Wednesday morning that depicted Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi at a podium, making a statement.

2 thoughts on “Gen. Thomas McInerney on Paris attack: ‘Political correctness is killing us’

  1. No one owns guns in France ! Only a select few. AK 47 made it thru. Proves once again gun control does not work,only for the evil ! Pardon my words I am about to say. You anti gun ass holes shut your fuckin mouths that no one should own guns in our country. These muslim pieces of shit are sick dangerous people that need to be taken out ! The sooner the better. We are a well armed people thanks to our four Fathers. The second amendment ! obama is a muslim like his father before him ! He needs to go ! All Muslims are not bad but ,all muslims are terrorist ! The fuckin dogs killed 3000 in the towers ! Never forget what those scum bags did !!!!!!! It is time for civilized nations to come together and take these bastards out ! They are a bunch of sick fucks ! Any group who wants to take our guns should be hung ! And if they try a civil war will start in America ! barack HUSSAIN obama is a filthy dog who has hurt our great country badly Try to take over the U. S. you muslim pieces of shit and eat a bullet. At least we dont pluck eyes out,rape children.stone woman. and commit mass murder. DIE YOU MOTHER FUCKERS !!!

    • Somehow I get the feeling you’re holding back. Look what has happened to every country that has done away with guns. Millions killed by their own government. Don’t say it can’t happen here because it can.

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