More of Obama’s ‘Muslims First’ Policy

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei gestures as he speaks to workers in Tehran

Flopping Aces

On page 261 of the paperback edition of Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama’s (ghost written) book The Audacity of Hope, he wrote “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

In what must be an effort in his mind to keep the political winds from shifting, in an NPR interview Obama said:

They [Iran] have a path to break through that isolation and they should seize it. Because if they do, there’s incredible talent and resources and sophistication inside of – inside of Iran, and it would be a very successful regional power that was also abiding by international norms and international rules, and that would be good for everybody. That would be good for the United States, that would be good for the region, and most of all, it would be good for the Iranian people.

During that SAME interview Obama said:


Tehran [Iran] is a large, sophisticated country that has a track record of state-sponsored terrorism, that we know was attempting to develop a nuclear weapon – or at least the component parts that would be required to develop a nuclear weapon – that has engaged in disruptions to our allies, whose rhetoric is not only explicitly anti-American but also has been incendiary when it comes to its attitude towards the state of Israel.

Iran has long made its intentions clear vis-a-vis Israel and the Mid-East. “Iran has explicitly stated many times that it wants to destroy Israel,” said Tehran University professor Sadegh Zibakalam. And regarding the Mid-East, former senator Joseph Lieberman said:

… the uneasiness of our Middle Eastern allies is also rooted in the recognition that the danger posed by the Iranian regime is about more than its illicit nuclear activities. Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons is the most alarming manifestation of a much more profound strategic problem: a perceived long-standing hegemonic ambition by Iran’s rulers to dominate the Middle East.

Obama views the U.S. relationship with Iran as one of détente, and that implies that the U.S. sees Iran as a potential ally in Syria and Iraq, when Iran is part of the problem. Iran’s support for Assad has prolonged Syria’s civil war, and its support for sectarian militias in Iraq has contributed to the alienation of Sunnis in Iraq.

And someone in Obama’s administration called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “chickensh*t.” As Jeffery Goldberg wrote, “The relationship between these two administrations – dual guarantors of the putatively ‘unbreakable’ bond between the U.S. and Israel – is now the worst it’s ever been, and it stands to get significantly worse after the November midterm elections.” BTW, the Obama administration spent two days disavowing the remark about Netanyahu.

Further, Obama wrote a letter to Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The letter lays out a shared interest in fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS), and concludes with respect for Iran. And Iran refers to the U.S. as “The Great Satan.” Obama, you can really pick’em.

Yes, Obama, it would be good for Iran, the region, and the US if Iran could “break through that isolation.” But as Michael Singh, managing director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, wrote, “The Obama administration needs … a Middle East strategy that effectively confronts the full range of threats to U.S. interests and rallies the support of allies.”

In Obama’s own words about Iran, a Muslim country: state-sponsored terrorism, nuclear weapons, disrupt allies, anti-American rhetoric, incendiary comments about Israel. Yet another illustration of Obama’s “stand with the Muslims.”

Obama, the political winds have shifted (a long time ago). Iran shifted it. And try as you may (with much help from the liberal MSM) your comments cannot change reality.

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