Citizen’s Shirt Reveals What Obama and OJ Have in Common

Conservative Tribune

With Obama slashing the size of America’s military and stabbing the heart of Middle America with his incendiary remarks on race, folks in this country have had enough.

One witty American decided to express his displeasure with the President’s tactics and how Obama views this country on a shirt.

And it’s absolutely brilliant!

OJ shirt reg

“Obama Loves America Like OJ Loved Nicole” pretty well sums up how most Americans feel that their president views this country (H/T Viral Buzz).

According to Gallup, Obama’s approval rating is at a dismal 45 percent.

The failure of his signature legislation, Obamacare, and his unconstitutional handling of illegal immigration, have left many Americans ready for “change” of a different sort.

Obama has been a destructive force for this country from the very start. Like O.J.’s glove, he was a bad fit.

The court of public opinion has sentenced him to go down in history as one of the most controversial presidents of all time. He has created in this country a malaise worse than Jimmy Carter.

Most Americans would agree that if Barack Hussein Obama decided to jump into a white Ford Bronco and high tail it to Mexico, no one would try to stop him. Maybe he would take some of his partners in crime, like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Eric Holder. with him.

Perhaps one day, like O.J. Simpson, Obama will get the justice that he deserves for his actions.

5 thoughts on “Citizen’s Shirt Reveals What Obama and OJ Have in Common

  1. That absolutely works dragon, Happy New Year

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