None Dare Call It Treason 50 Years Later

Accuracy in Media


I recently asked John A. Stormer, author of the 1964 bestseller, None Dare Call It Treason, if he thought President Barack Obama was a Marxist. “He’s two things,” Stormer told me. “Is he a Marxist or is he a Muslim? He is really involved in both of these things. He’s anti-American.”

Obama’s policies have benefited enemies of the U.S. across the spectrum, from Muslim to Marxist. All of these anti-American forces have made dramatic gains under Obama. This means that the situation is far worse for America than when Stormer wrote his seven-million-copy bestseller.

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47 Inspector Generals Being Stonewalled In Their Investigations By Members Of Obama Regime


Weasel Zippers

Fish stinks from the head down…

Via NRO:

Darrell Issa’s leading role in the IRS investigation may have come to a close — he lost his chairmanship of the House Oversight Committee to term limits — but there is plenty of work left for his successor, Jason Chaffetz of Utah. None of these criminals has been punished; the maddening fact is that Lois Lerner is enjoying a six-figure pension at the expense of the very taxpayers against whom she conducted a corrupt political jihad. And even if that happy day should come when Lerner et al. are given one-way bus tickets to Florence, Colo., or some other suitable destination, Chaffetz and his colleagues still would have a tremendous amount of work to do; if Issa’s time has taught us anything, it is that the federal agencies are in thrall to a culture of criminality, and that the most significant crime in the agencies’ repertoire is the obstruction of federal investigations.

Earlier this year, 47 inspectors general — the officials charged with fighting corruption, waste, and wrongdoing in federal agencies — sent a letter to Issa’s committee complaining that organizations ranging from the EPA to the Justice Department were impeding their investigations by withholding information — despite the fact that federal law specifically forbids withholding that information. These are not a bunch of Republican operatives trying to score a few political points: Those 47 inspectors general comprise more than half of all such officials, and many who signed the letter were appointed by President Barack Obama. Their complaint is that the federal agencies treat them more or less like they do . . . members of Congress: thwarting them, withholding documents, obstruction investigations.

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Qatar: A Change of Heart? Or merely rearranging the Camels?

Gulag Bound

By: William Michael
Qatar Awareness Campaign


An Update from the Qatar Awareness Campaign

Several recent news reports point to the possibility that Qatar, the host nation of the Muslim Brotherhood, may be genuine in their attempt to reconcile with their Arab neighbors. After expelling the Qataris and isolating them diplomatically, the United Arab Emirate, Saudi Arabia, and even Egypt appear to have reached an accord with Doha. The Nazi-rooted Muslim Brotherhood was long ago banished from Saudi Arabia (in the late 1920s), and Egypt has violently suppressed them many times, notably after the assassination of Sadat. Yet the daily report out of the Middle East suggests that KSA, UAE, and Egypt may really welcome Doha back into the family.


  • Yesterday, it was reported that Qatar pledged to stop funding Hamas – truly remarkable, if true.
  • A few months ago, they expelled prominent members of the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • An Interpol arrest warrant has been issued for Yusuf al-Qaradawi (the Muslim Brotherhood’s “spiritual leader”), and he will no longer broadcasting on Al Jazeera (if report are to be believed). Continue reading

Monday Night Football Announcer Makes Reference to Obama as Dictator


Here’s a rarity — countermoonbattery in the world of televised football:

[P]rior to the Denver Broncos taking on the Cincinnati Bengals on “Monday Night Football,” Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young raised some eyebrows when he used the word “dictator” in a sentence mentioning President Obama and an NFL quarterback.

Young, the former San Francisco quarterback who’s a direct descendant of Brigham Young, was asked how Denver quarterback Peyton Manning would deal with the disguises put forth by the Bengals’ defense.

“Watch for Peyton to speak to the nation, as the president of the United States would speak to the nation tonight,” said Young, now an ESPN analyst. “And tell them, ‘I am the dictator! I am the one that’s gonna take care of everything.”

Maybe the incessant moonbattery that has come to a head with Bob Costas demanding an end to the Second Amendment and Saint Louis Rams taking the field making “hands up don’t shoot” gestures has driven away enough viewers that someone passed down orders to throw a few crumbs to the normal people. Either that or Young had better polish up his résumé.

Unanswered Benghazi Questions: Third in a Series ( Sharyl Attkisson )

Free Republic

3. Why wasn’t surveillance video that was recorded at the U.S. compound in Benghazi ever released, as promised?


In fall of 2012, U.S. officials promised to publicly release a declassified version of surveillance video taken by multiple cameras at the U.S. compound in Benghazi, as well as video recorded by an overhead drone. At one point, officials on behalf of the Director of National Intelligence told the news media the video would be released on or about Thanksgiving of 2012. However, the video was never released and, more than two years later, no explanation for the reversal in plans has been provided.

Below are previous questions published in this series.

2. When Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reportedly told family members of the Benghazi victims that the U.S. was going to find and prosecute whoever made the “awful” Internet video (rather than pledging to catch those who committed the murders), what crime did she envision the video maker had committed? On what information was she relying when she thought that the government could–and should–persecute a filmmaker who was exercising free speech in America?

1. Where was President Obama throughout the long night of the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya? What decisions did the Commander-in-Chief make and what actions did he take while Americans were under assault on foreign soil? Considering that the U.S. embassy in Egypt had already been overrun earlier in the day, and that further attacks on other U.S. facilities were anticipated throughout the night, how involved was the President in tracking the volatile, regional developments?

More than two years after the fact, President Obama’s decisions and actions during the Benghazi attacks remain secret with little justification as to why they should be so shrouded.

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Imperial Edict: “Sorry, This Beach Has Been Reserved For The First Family”


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You peons get lost, only the imperial family may swim.

Via Daily Mail:

President Obama, first lady Michelle and their two daughters hit the halfway point of their 17-day vacation in Hawaii as they went to the beach, which Secret Service agents on Jet Skis guarded the waters to keep away the hoi polloi.

“Sorry, this beach has been reserved for the First Family,” wrote the UK’s Daily Mail. The paper reported that “The main task of the agents seemed to focus on stopping any other people in kayaks getting to close to the president, his wife and their two daughters.

“The officers could be seen telling different groups at the popular spot to turn around, as they sectioned off part of the water.”

According to the pool report, written by a U.S. media reporter on site with the first family, “At 2:30 pool van was on the move leaving the Bellows AF station beach. But it was a false alarm. After following for less than two minutes the pool van learned we were following Flotus and the Obama daughters — but Potus had not yet departed. (The First Family had traveled together to the beach.) Pool van doubled back to clubhouse and waited for Potus motorcade to emerged from secluded area. At 2:45 pm the actual Potus motorcade emerged –with Secret Service shooing off the road a man walking along and holding a golf club–and we were on the move again to an undisclosed location.”

The Obamas later went out to dinner at the exclusive Alan Wong’s restaurant. The president did not attend the funerals of two New York Police Department officers murdered in the line of duty, instead sending his vice president.

The death of patriotism

Family Security Matters


The next two years will be the most dangerous in the history of the United States. It may lead to the end of American history.

The Republican establishment is powerless to oppose Obama in any significant way because they are being held hostage. Obama’s lies have become Republican lies, which they have embraced and made their own.

Although the challenges facing the country present clear dangers, America will not be brought down by unsustainable debt, social chaos, a moribund economy or weakness in the face of foreign threats, all of which have been planned and instigated by our own government, but by the irreparable damage to the Constitution and representative government perpetrated by the very people, who have sworn an oath to uphold them.

Most prospective government officials, whether Democrat or Republican, now pursue office, not to support the Constitution and serve the American people, but to obtain power, and to use that power to accrue professional and financial benefits for themselves and their major donors. All the traditional means for citizens to seek the redress of grievances have now been blocked by a self-absorbed permanent political elite unaccountable to the American people.

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