The Dark Forces Behind America’s Racial Jihad


The recent racial hysteria that has engulfed Ferguson, Missouri, and other parts of the United States has shown that Islamist-type jihad is not the only kind of “holy war” plaguing America. The unspoken jihad – or intifada – that plagues America is a racial jihad engendered by radical black urban racial terrorists. This jihad is created, nurtured, perpetrated and perpetuated by the unholy trinity of the mainstream media, black supremacists, and cowardly, spineless and feckless white politicians. And it is a jihad that threatens to engulf America into a racial firestorm not seen since the War Between the States (a.k.a., the Civil War).

media bias

Indeed, Joseph Goebbels would marvel at the media’s capacity to transform Ferguson into a “big lie” rivaling anything the Nazi propaganda minister ever dreamed of. What turned out to be nothing more than a police officer defending himself from a robber about to turn cop-killer in a small American town, became the biggest racial hoax perpetrated in decades. And besides the “black leaders” appointed and anointed as “civil rights activists” by the media and white political hacks, it is the media – both left and faux “conservative” – that are the biggest perpetrators to blame for this macabre injustice.

Denied the racial conflagration that the media so desperately panted for in the wake of the George Zimmerman affair, the united media swooped down on Ferguson like vultures over carrion, determined that the shooting of an “unarmed black teen” by a “white policeman” would finally ignite the country into a racial inferno. After all, there hadn’t been a racial riot (i.e., black mob violence) on a major scale since the Rodney King “event” of 1992. What better way to stoke the flames of an even bigger riot than by portraying the Ferguson incident as nothing short of a lynching by a member of the Ku Klux Klan? Darren Wilson, blond, blue-eyed, white, and a policeman, was the perfect poster boy for white “racism.” Michael Brown, black, eighteen, and “unarmed” was the perfect poster boy for entering the racial martyrs’ hall of fame.

The fact that Brown had just robbed a convenience store and threatened the diminutive clerk was conveniently forgotten. The fact that Brown was a hulking 6’ 4” individual over 300 pounds was also deleted from the media files. The mantra that was constantly drummed and pounded into the ears of the jaded American viewer by all media – including the “fair and balanced” network – was that “a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teen.” This racially inflammatory “color commentary” was also supplemented by the Marxist media with such adjectives as “gunned down” or “shot down.” The fact that world heavyweight boxers who pound each other’s brains into mush are also “unarmed” and yet deadly, meant nothing to the racially obsessed media. They were out to lynch a white man come blood and fire. (Preferably both as far as they were concerned.)

And the white blood that already has been spilled and the fires already ignited (burning down mostly minority-owned businesses) are on the heads and hands of all the media. But conspiring with the media, are the black supremacists who perennially dream of such a media-inspired event as Ferguson. The racial charlatans and jackals jetted into Ferguson on their private planes immediately after their collaborators in the media had portrayed the shooting in stark and dark racial overtones. Predictably, there was Al Sharpton, hoaxer and fraudster par excellence, along with his former mentor, Jesse Jackson. Like sharks smelling blood – and swindlers smelling money – the civil rights “leaders” were there to bewail another vicious, racial crime committed by the white devil. All the while shaking down “brother” blacks for “contributions” to Michael Brown’s family. (Does anyone wonder into whose coffers all that money went?) And not far behind was Louis Farrakhan whose jihad-like rhetoric even outdoes the worst of Middle Eastern jihadists. Farrakhan, who supposedly has been dying from prostate cancer for the last twenty years, recently issued his own version of a fatwa threatening to burn down America. And why not? Look at the politicians who are behind this treacherous trio, and then ponder why America waits to burn.

First and foremost is the Afrocentric Marxist-in-Chief. This is the half-white man touted as “America’s first black president” who proclaimed that the “police acted stupidly” in the Henry Louis Gates arrest, and lamented that “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon” after the “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman defended himself against the thug named Trayvon Martin. This was and is the man that white lemmings and lambs gleefully voted for in the vain and futile hopes that a “bi-racial” man would lead America into a “trans-racial” Nirvana. Instead they have received (most deservedly so) America’s most divisive president since Abraham Lincoln who by his placid speeches actually stokes the flames of racial conflict.

To go along with the Malcolm X-loving Obama is his fellow racial comrade-in-arms, Attorney General Eric (”America is a nation of cowards”) Holder. Then there is the pathetic Democrat governor of Missouri and his political and police hacks. Speaking of Michael Brown’s “memory” and “soul,” one after another of these individuals issued mea culpa ad nausea to the Brown family while trying to appease, mollify, cajole and placate the mobs. All to no effect. Indeed, when the mobs refrained – for a short while – from committing mayhem, they were actually praised for doing nothing more than acting as law-abiding citizens! When will law enforcement and political officials learn that placation to mobs only leads to subjugation?

The treacherous troika of media, black “leaders” and craven white politicians (including their “lore enforcement” stooges) turned Ferguson into an event that can only be described as sordid, chilling, and stunning. A police officer, pledged to defend the citizens of Ferguson, and defending himself from a potentially new Mumia Abu Jamal, has been vilified, scourged, and crucified. And Brown with his three autopsies (!) has been deified as the new Emmet Till. The word “Orwellian” is an understatement. “Goebbels-esque” would be a better definition.

And the word “tragic” has been thrown around too much regarding this event of self-defense. Even “conservatives” ever fearful of being branded with the Scarlet letter of “R” (“Racist”) branded on their heads have blathered, bleated, and tweeted about the “tragedy.” Pray tell, what is “tragic” about an individual defending himself from being murdered? Apparently, the powers that be would have preferred that Darren Wilson would have willingly committed suicide rather than defend himself. After all, it would have spared Ferguson – and America – a contrived racial incident that threatens the “stability” of America. Of course. Until the next time.

Finally, who will give Darren Wilson his life back? To ask the alphabet soup leftist media to issue an apologia would be akin to asking Sharpton to apologize for the Brawley hoax. The leftist media with their bleach-blonde, pink-skinned, mini-skirted news readers and their fair haired male counterparts are too well ensconced in their gilded, gated and segregated ivory towers and fortified news centers to ever admit to any wrong. Apparently, if and when they themselves become victims of black racial jihad – along with their white political and judicial collaborators – nothing will change. Until then, knowledgeable Americans would do best to tune out and turn off America’s media. Permanently.

(To be continued.)

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