If Not Now, When?

Free Republic

Conservatives are not split as to whether or not Obama and his ministers have committed high crimes.

We are split over what to do about it. There is no question Obama has gathered arbitrary powers within the executive branch to make, ignore, modify congressional statutes at his whim. His administrative agencies, a shadow army of lawgivers whose identities (sans Gruber) are kept quiet and out of public view, issue dozens of unconstitutional and imperial diktats every year.


OTOH, what is certain is that impeachment of American presidents is unfortunately an historic rarity.

Taken all together, impeachment is largely viewed as a losing proposition, because despite his clear guilt, it is assumed no rat senators will cross over to convict. Modern party discipline, especially among rats, combined with the Obama news cycle is enough to instill outright terror in the hearts of those who fear doing the right thing. By this theory, impeachment will only strengthen the rats at the expense of the GOP.

So what? To be concerned with the health of either party is to lose sight of the objective, turning back tyranny and restoring freedom. The real issue that conservatives should ponder is which alternative, impeachment or no, best serves republican freedom, our freedom.

What are the downwind ramifications of letting Obama and his ministers get away once again? Amnesty is merely the last in a long list of Obama high crimes which began right away in 2009.

Is he to have two more unchallenged years?

Turner: Let Obama Impeachment Process Of Discovery Begin; Removal And Nullification

Neil Turner, Citizens for the Constitution;

In response to Obama’s recent impeachable offense of publicly announcing his proposed unilateral Executive Action on immigration, I have ‘snail-mailed’ my Representative, Darrell Issa, and my 2 Senators, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein, at both their Washington D.C. and local offices, with the following letter and demand for their proper constitutional action of impeachment.

If you agree with these sentiments, then may I suggest that you submit a similar (or the same) letter to your Representative and Senators as well.