Is Impeachment Justified?

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Political correctness now dominates the realm of  this country.  The result is that the law is maimed, and factual, logical, and rational thinking is attacked on a regular basis.

But the most egregious of political correctness stances is the one that maintains that Obama cannot be impeached because of the melanin level in his skin.  In an incredibly prescient article from 2009, author L.E. Ikenga pointed out what would be America’s undoing if this country continued to obsess “over the color of Barack Obama’s skin” instead of paying more attention to his ardent desire to become a “despot.”  At the time, Ikenga asserted that “Obama is intrinsically undemocratic and as his presidency plays out, this will become more obvious.”

And now six years later, Obama continues with his absolute and unrelenting intention to transform this country via unconstitutional means. The most shameful aspect of letting Obama get away with his unlawful actions is that it is an abject insult to the good people of this country.  We are asked to ignore his actions and accept that, because he is black, his misdeeds do not matter.  The message of moral rot is there for the next generation to see.

And see, they do.  Millenials are beginning to understand the horror of Obamacare but only because it is hitting them in the pocketbook, not because of the inherent abuse of their freedoms.  They may have voted Republican, but statistics show that they have lost faith with the system we have in America.  And why wouldn’t they?

All they see is corruption from the top down. The latest revelation by Jonathan Gruber that Obama was in the room when the deceptive Cadillac tax was established is just another manifestation of the incredible hubris of Obama and company.  Each Obama action makes a mockery of the Constitution and its safeguards of checks and balances.

And thus, we adults will have failed the millenials,  if we do not put the brakes on Obama and his cronies. The Black American community has been terribly damaged by this man as well.  Conservative writer Deneen Borelli, in her book Blacklash explains “how Obama and the Left are driving Americans to the government plantation” and that “members of the black community support what she says but can’t freely express themselves because of the attack[s] they will endure.”  So law-abiding Americans are being muzzled. It is the ultimate insult to a free people as the rule of law becomes irrelevant and/or unjust.

Racism exists when one votes for a person based purely on his race.  Racism does not exist when one who happens to be black is punished for his appalling lawlessness.  And yet, we have those who would counsel that the first African American president cannot be impeached as it would appear unseemly.  They maintain that to contemplate, let alone actually impeach Obama, would make him a martyr.  With all due respect, is it better that America be a sacrificial lamb and that generations of Americans, still unborn, will have lost their most precious birthright of freedom?

Another argument is that those who voted for Obama need to suffer and understand what they voted for.  Fine by me but, unfortunately, that means that those of us who perceive Obama’s malevolence will have to suffer as well.  In the past, when a despot reared his ugly head, people would head for America.  But there is no other place to go if America falls.  If impeachment is a means to stop the lawlessness of a president and it is not used, then, in effect, the devil has won.

The 2014 midterm Republican sweep will be completely negated in two years if Obama is able to get away with his latest proposed illegal immigration maneuver.  He will have created  the tipping point to make this a one-party country.  Rush Limbaugh hypothesizes that the alien children who were brought in from February through June of this year came here with the understanding that their parents would soon follow them.  In fact, he asserts that “somehow these parents were informed that their ticket to the United States and amnesty was their kids coming here first” since there is “no way that this many parents would send their children on a train ride for 45 days through who knows what kind of hell on the way, unaccompanied, to get to the United States.  There is no way this is a coincidence.”

With Obama stating that he intends to unlawfully commit to a program of amnesty for up to 34 million illegal immigrants, we will witness an overarching abuse of presidential power; in fact, the ultimate transformation of America will be complete.

In Faithless Execution, Andrew McCarthy shows that there is a credible legal case for the impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama.  In fact, “that impeachable offenses have been committed is manifest once one grasps the concept of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ – which are offenses against the governing fabric by those sworn to uphold it; fraud on the public and its representatives by those entrusted with the highest fiduciary duty.”

But, McCarthy emphasizes that such a move will fail if there is no public will to engage in this action.  Consequently, without first convincing the public that [Obama’s] removal is warranted, nothing will move forward. Sadly, by the time that there is a political will to remove this man, the damage to the country will be irrevocable as far as it concerns the illegal alien situation.

To wait for a surge in public sentiment will be too late.  McCarthy states that,

We don’t get to avoid [the facts] by being reasonable, moderate people who recoil from the I-word. Nor, in the matter of illegal immigration, is there any funding cut or loopy congressional lawsuit that can dissuade this president. There is either a credible threat of impeachment or a transformational mass-amnesty. That’s it.

A mark of a great people is to acknowledge an error before it becomes an indelible mistake.  Obama has gone over the line.  He knows it and we know it.  Like a bully, he is waiting to see who blinks first.  Obama is “brazenly intensifying what progressive law professor Jonathan Turley has acknowledged [as] ‘the worst constitutional crisis of [his] lifetime.'”

Obama should have been stopped in his tracks early on when he initially began shredding the Constitution.  Yet, the charge of racism paralyzed people from defending the country against his abuse of the law.  And it still does.

So far he has gotten his way on everything.  In fact, he is the most successful president in the history of this country to accomplish what he has set out to do.  And there has not been enough timely and unremitting resistance to his acts.  Actually Obama is “on his way to turning this country into one of the developing nations that [one learns] about on the National Geographic Channel.”

The machinations and deceptions of this President know no end.  Lies abound about Obamacare, Fast and Furious, IRS, NSA, and Benghazi.  This President is an ardent left-wing radical who is bent on destroying America through every means possible.  Thomas Sowell argues that “those critics who have been citing Barack Obama’s foreign policy fiascoes and disasters as evidence that he is incompetent may be overlooking the [monstrous] possibility that he has different priorities than the protection of the American people and America’s interests as a nation.”

Some would maintain that in January when the newly elected Republicans take their seats, a call for impeachment should be the first item on the agenda.  Sadly, if as predicted, Obama calls for amnesty of illegals in this country within the next two months, the dye will have been cast.  The illegals are already scattered throughout America.  In fact, what we have here is akin to the expression that “possession is nine-tenths of the law.”  It will be that much harder to stop this onslaught of illegals since they will already be on American soil.

By subverting the Constitution, Obama will have completed his and his father’s dream of bringing America to its knees.  Jed Babbin writes, “if a president is guilty of significant malfeasance or misfeasance in office he can be removed by impeachment.  But will he be?  Only if the nation’s political mood demands it.”

Obama needs to be impeached now as further explained by Sarah Palin.  He is not above the law. McCarthy’s Bill of Impeachment is a “compelling case” for impeachment.  Additionally, Congress must finally show its mettle and close up our porous southern border. Illegal immigrant children from Central America who are now nestled in schools across the country need to be returned to their homelands, and the section of the law that permits them to stay must be amended immediately  They will be welcomed into the United States one day when they apply in a legal manner.  This is not nativism; it is not racism; it is not cruelty.  It is to protect the sovereignty of this country; it is to uphold the laws of the land; and it is to put a stop to this lawless president and his deliberate and malicious destruction of America.  If not now, when?

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