Report: Border Patrol Stripping Agents Of Their M4 Rifles, Will Now Have To Share Their Guns…

Weasel Zippers

We can’t have these guys shooting the Dems base.

(KVOA) – The News 4 Tucson Investigators have uncovered that some U.S. Border Patrol agents have lost a key part of their arsenal. And that has agents who patrol along the border here, extremely worried.

We learned that U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Offices of Border Patrol and Training and Development are inspecting the quality of agents’ M4 carbines throughout Border Patrol sectors nationwide. But agents tell us, some of those M4s have not been replaced. And, we’ve learned, agents are required to share rifles amongst each other.

“There’s a lot of agents that are pretty upset over it,” said Art del Cueto, president of the Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector union. “We know it’s a dangerous job. We know what we signed on for but we want to have as much of the equipment as we need to perform the job.”

The M4 carbine is used by the U.S. military and by Border Patrol agents. It’s even used by the Border Patrol’s tactical unit, BORTAC. Agent Brian Terry was carrying the M4 when he was shot and killed in December 2010.

Del Cueto tells us that because some of those M4s have not been replaced, agents are pooling their weapons, which makes it difficult to personalize the settings on a rifle, such as the sights.

“The problem is they are now pool guns so what happens is instead of having their individual ones they have sighted in they’re having to use a pool weapon that you don’t know who used it before you,” del Cueto said.

EXCLUSIVE LEAK: Explosives Found at Bridge Near Arizona Border with Mexico

Free Republic

Two explosives were found near an Arizona bridge approximately 30 miles from the U.S. border with Mexico, according to a leaked report exclusively obtained by Breitbart Texas. The items were made from water gel commercial explosives and were ammonium nitrate based, according to the leaked official report from the Joint Intelligence Operations Center (JIOC).

The materials were found near Amado, Arizona by two Arizona Department of Transportation employees who were reportedly inspecting the bridge.

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Obama After Digging Dirt In Fake “Tree Planting” Photo-Op In China: “Success!”…

Weasel Zippers

He sounds more like a kindergartner than the President of the United States.

Via Daily Mail:

President Barack Obama and 20 other world leaders participated in a tree-planting ceremony near Beijing on Tuesday, but the trees had already been planted by the Chinese government.

The fake photo-op came after a session of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.

‘‎When the plenary was done, the leaders took part in a tree planting near the conference center,’ a White House pool reporter wrote while Washington slept 13 time zones away.

‘Actually, the evergreens were already planted when they got there – one tree for each country in APEC, each with a little pile of dirt and a shovel next to it.’

The result was ‘a little future forest of eight-foot evergreens along a path of astro-turf.’

Photos show the president smirking as he grips a shovel and plunges it into a symbolic pile of dirt.

Russia’s president, by contrast, swaggered to his tree,’ according to the pool report.

And Obama ‘walked up with his hands clasped behind his back.’

After the tree ‘planting,’ Obama was heard telling a fellow head of state: ‘Success!’

The laid-back president took a moment to banter with a Spanish-language camera crew who called for his attention.

‘Hey, hombre!’ he shouted with a wave.

Obama Refuses to Give Up his Dictatorship

Gulag Bound

First and foremost, let me disabuse both Marxist Democrats and RINOs of the notion that the Republicans were elected so that they could compromise and get along with the Dems to enact legislation. That is not what occurred 4 November 2014. These elections–both nationwide and states’ wide–were a repudiation and condemnation of big government, big spending, the US “progressive” (aka “Alinskyite”) movement and–of course–Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama; both his policies and him personally. In other words, the American people finally awakened from their long and dissatisfying slumber.

Proving once again the will of the American voters means less than nothing to him, Obama almost immediately announced that his replacements-for-the-American-people-with-his-illegal-aliens will proceed. He is substituting the current majority and minority ethnic races in the USA–the ones who finally woke up and saw the real writing on the wall–with his unschooled illegals from Central America and beyond. And, in case there are still a few out there who didn’t notice, Obama replaced his position of the illegal POTUS with that of the ObamaGov tyranny in early 2009. He has no intention of giving up his dictatorship that will continue to replace US citizens with illegal aliens. For those still on the far Left that means–unless you’re a large donor and still useful to Dictator-in-Chief Obama–you’re being replaced too! You didn’t really believe you’d escape Obama’s wrath…did you?

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Now That The Smoke Has Settled


Wild Bill for America sure gets it. Let’s hope congressional Republicans do too.

If Republicans sell us out again, it will be the final blow. There aren’t enough checkered-pants wearing country club crony capitalists to keep the party afloat without conservatives. It will be time for a third party to arise, as the GOP evaporates like the Whigs.

Conversely, Republicans could claim new life and a bright future by doing what voters clearly elected them to do: stop the liberal agenda.

Obama Brings Taliban Chief Irek Hamidullin to US for Trial to Provide Same Civil Rights as US Citizens

Freedom Outpost
The treachery of Obama. The rout of the Democrats in the recent election has clearly taught Barack Obama nothing. The American people unequivocally declared to President Obama that we are on to him. And he shouted back, “Who cares?”


He has always held the American people in contempt, but now it’s official presidential policy. Now he is sending troops back to Iraq. Apparently the decision was made to send these troops back in September, but Obama held off on announcing it until after the election – in a Friday night news dump.

So now we know that for him nothing is sacred, not even human life. Under Obama, war is politics – and if it’s not politically expedient, then victims, nations and freedom be damned.

Meanwhile, Obama is continuing his jihad to close the prison housing jihad terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, despite realities on the ground and the escalating war on the West by devout Muslim armies. He has released deadly jihadists from Gitmo, only to have them rejoin the mujahadeen and wage holy war.

But this latest act of treason takes Obama’s treachery to a whole other level. Obama has brought Irek Hamidullin, a commander in the Taliban, a murderer of American troops, to the United States for a civilian trial. Read that again. Irek Hamidullin is the first military detainee from Afghanistan to be brought to the U.S. for trial. He is given the same civil rights as an American citizen.

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