This Conservative’s Anti-Obama Bumper Sticker Is Hilarious… Now It’s Going Viral

Conservative Tribune

Here’s an example of hilarious and good-natured ribbing, targeting liberals and President Obama.

Liberals get outraged whenever you criticize them, their actions, or their policies. They also frequently resort to a disgusting tactics to try to get their way.

This person’s bumper sticker is a great example of using the First Amendment to fight back against a bad government. Such political speech is the right of every American. This driver just did it in an unusually creative and funny way. Kudos to the owner of the car and bumper sticker.

The bumper sticker says, “Obama sucks, and so do liberal cowards who steal my stickers.”

There is no indication of how to get one for yourself, although they might be available somewhere online.


Hat Tip to Legal Insurrection for the source of the photo.

Of course, stealing bumper stickers is far from the worst of the crimes liberals commit to win elections. We at Conservative Tribune recently brought to light plenty of coverage of the much more serious problem of liberal voter fraud.

In one case, this even involved rigged voting machines in Maryland and in Cook County, Ill., home county of the Obamas. As we wrote then, “The American people must demand changes to voting laws. observes that it is now forbidden by law for state employees to ask would-be voter registrants for proof of U.S. citizenship. Likewise, voting machines defects should be caught much earlier and fixed so that ‘calibration issues’ do not impact elections.”

There are also claims of fraudulent registration efforts in Georgia. North Carolina, as it was recently discovered, has problems with illegal aliens being registered to vote.

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