Islamist-in-Chief Helped Free Saudi “Student” Charged With Murder. Why?

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THE  Wahhabi Saudi connection….how many times, how many ways, does it need to be stated and proven: Barack HUSSEIN Obama – the Islamist-in-Chief – is a mortal enemy to the United States of America!

REGARDLESS of anything else, the amount of damage accrued under his (mis)reign is incalculable. The open question becomes: will he be removed before he places the final nail in its coffin – or not?

Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

the dream of an aviation future is on the line!! Such a person is NO criminal!! see for your selfISN’T it inordinately curious, some might suggest, alarming, for a POTUS to insert himself into what should have been a basic criminal case, no more, no less? Dear readers, patience…we will get to Ziyad Abid, a Saudi aeronautical “student”.

BEFOREHAND, where have we seen said disquieting “strangeness” before, especially when it comes to the Islamist-in-Chief’s twin obsessions: race-baiting and Islamist-leaning interference, resulting in grave injustices against the rule of law? Countless times.

OH yeah, in regard to his preferential treatment re “Black America”, do recall: the “po-lice acted stupidly”, all for daring to question his Black buddy, the Harvard prof, in Cambridge, MA. Perplexing.

Fanning the flames to racial violence takes many forms. While some of its signals are overt, others are much more circumspect. Regardless, those who are prone to said violence surely understand when a bro’ has their backs. It’s an“entitlement” thing.

From the get go, the Race Baiter-In-Chief pitted Blacks against Whites. Readers may recall – or not – he stepped into (racial) doo doo when he came to the aid of his Black bud, Henry Louis Gates Jr., in July 2009, only a few months into his Presidency. Apparently, Gates had a run-in with the “po-lice”. Oh yeah.Obama, with his chin in its usual upward tilt, unabashedly opined: the “police acted stupidly”, brazenly admitting that he didn’t even know all the facts of the case. What a chutzpah. Craven narcissist. Forensically diagnosed: The One….

ATOP said outrageous “presidential” meddling in a local police matter, along comes some more proof in the pudding:

President Obama is known for attempting to put together all kinds of outlandish legislation to help him accomplish his “fair and balanced” Utopia.

The latest such incident involves his administration stating their willingness to create arace-based legal system in the state of Hawaii. The end result would be a set of laws governing one race, with a different set governing another…..

PLEASE, if you still remain a doubting Thomas, hark back to another “in your face” (White America) and unabashed stoking of fires from “dear leader”. Both incidents are hardly anomalies in his Marxist and Islamist repertoire.

One needn’t receive direct marching orders to execute ‘this or that’ criminal game plan, but the fact of the matter is that Obama Inc.’s goons made it plain: Extract ‘justice’ for ‘Tray’, regardless of the so-called ‘law’. In effect, never mind about paying a price for said criminal behavior, orders have been given: Hands off those who pummel ‘Whitey’ on behalf of ‘Tray’. Barack HUSSEIN Obama has your backs!

The tippy top of said ‘legalizing’ is via the racialist spear belonging to the Radical-in-Chief’s henchman/hatchet man, AG Holder. You know, the Black dude who set the stage for illegal behavior, when he utterly refused to hold the Black Panthers, a decades long domestic terror group, responsible for outright intimidation and criminal violations during the 2008 electoral run. This is the same terror group which logs many visits into Obama’s White House! How about them apples….

BESIDES, aren’t there enough domestic and foreign fires to occupy him, for heaven’s sake, other than going after “justice” for one preferential pet group over another? Even so, if he has too much free time on his hands, he should just play another round of golf, canoodle with Reggie Love or this or that boy toy. Yup, his  “down low” recreational sports. Gawd.

BACKTRACKING to his second obsession, covering for Islamic jihadis…

A previous Saudi “student” – Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi – will lead us to “Dear Leader’s” second freeing of another Islamic terrorist caught in America; “inconveniently” indicted for murder! Poof-like…the charges were dropped. What the hell happened?

IN the main, the Jihadi-in-Chief’s abetting re Ziyad Abid – for the benefit of jacked-up Saudi terror – on the heels of Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi , the prior Saudi “person of interest”, back in April 15, 2013, is more than noteworthy. Similarly, Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi benefited from his largess, after Boston blew up. Even “Moo-chelle” visited him, when brought into the hospital for this and that.

First Alleged Photo of Michelle Obama Visiting Saudio Abdul Rahman Al Harbi Surfaces on Facebook

The above photo montage, which was posted at FreeRepublic today, originally appears on the Facebook page for “EC Boston Saudi’s.” EC Boston most likely refers to the EC Boston English Language School. The Arabic caption on the photo reads: “اخونا عبدالرحمن الحربي مع ميشيل أُباما واصاحبة”

Filtered through Google Translate, this comes out to: “Brother Abdul Rahman Alharbi with Michelle [untranslatable] and Asahabh.” The photos were originally posted by Facebook user Yazeed Salem, who appears to be pictured with Alharbi in the top-left photo.

NO matter, let’s not be mean spirited, the POTUS & wifey were comforting the wounded, even one who was on a WATCH LIST, a list that this investigative journalist knew included his name, even before he ended up in the hospital! Could the renegade POTUS not have known this tidbit? Alas, such a question meanders into quibbling territory….even mentioning the deeply disturbing fact that this “person of interest” was “spirited” out of the country, before any further action could be taken against him. Yes, it renders one into “conspiratorial” purgatory. So what…By the way, this site hasn’t forgotten about the planeload of Saudis whisked out of America by Bush, even before the rubble was cleared from the Twin Towers!

REGARDLESS, a mandatory, full circle recap is in order, re the following anti-American actions by a reprobate leader, Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

YES, immediately after the Chechen terror brothers blew up the Boston Marathon, this investigative reporter was “nudged” in certain directions, one of which pointed in the Saudi direction towards “the hospitalized” person. And, for the record, sources within Cambridge, MA – via its investigative arena – insisted on its highlighting. Just sayin’….

That being said, take with less than a grain of salt the latest smokescreen: the initial “person of interest” is no longer a person of interest! But do take to heart this blog’s commentary via “Jihad in Boston” – 

Most intrinsically, in “Obama’s America” his surrogates steer the news like trapeze artists. Thus, removing the spotlight off of the Wahhabists (Saudi Arabia) is high priority business. Pray tell, why? This is as rooted a reason as it gets – Sounds far-fetched? It would be, if one didn’t know the terrain, on all sides of the equation. As to the media’s proclivities, this should put an authentic twist on their general penchant for mendacity –

Added to the weighty indictment, the investigation/reportage regarding Oklahoma City was rife with said “steerage of news”, when Clinton (a serial liar) sat at the helm – More specifically, having studied the Oklahoma City bombing case, this blog can vouch for who was telling the truth; Clinton’s mouthpieces (filtered to the media), or those contained within said commentary. Nevertheless, you decide….

ONTO the second “student” terror release,  Ziyad Abid….

Prosecutors on Friday dropped all charges against a Saudi national accused of hiring someone to kill a Warrensburg, Mo., bar owner.

Ziyad Abid had been held in jail since last September for the shooting death of William Blaine Whitworth even though the required $2 million had been posted for his bond. The judge in the case didn’t like the source of the money: the Saudi government.

Twice, Circuit Judge Michael Wagner denied Abid’s release on grounds he could be a flight risk or deported by the federal government before trial.

Abid, 24, who had studied aviation at the University of Central Missouri before his arrest, faced a first-degree murder charge. Whitworth, 25, was shot to death Sept. 1, 2012, in the driveway of his home in Warrensburg.

Four days after the killing, authorities arrested Reginald Singletary Jr., a former bouncer at one of the two bars Whitworth operated in the college town. Singletary, a graduate of Winnetonka High School who later played football at Missouri Valley College, told authorities that Abid paid him to kill Whitworth.

But on Friday, Johnson County Prosecutor Lynn M. Stoppy dismissed the case against Abid.

She said in a statement: “Very recently, our understanding of evidence previously obtained from a critical witness has changed. As a result, the state is currently left without sufficient evidence to support the prosecution at this time.”

Abid’s defense attorney, Pat Peters, told The Associated Press that he and his client were “thrilled beyond belief.”

Peters argued earlier that Singletary had told several versions of events, including that a gang, then the Mafia, had hired him to kill Whitworth. Peters also said no physical evidence tied Abid to the killing. The only thing that did, Peters said, was the accusation by Singletary.

Diane Whitworth, the victim’s mother, was clearly upset by the dismissal when reached by phone.

“We are disappointed, but other than that there isn’t anything else to say,” she told The Asociated Press…..Twenty-four-year-old Ziyad Abid, – twice-denied bond over fears he would leave the country, was charged with first-degree murder for the Sept. 2012 homicide of bar owner Blaine Whitworth, but after a visit to Warrensburg, Missouri by Barack Obama – things changed dramatically..

Listen to the prosecutor’s statement AFTER Obama left:

“our understanding of evidence previously obtained from a critical witness has changed. As a result, the state is currently left without sufficient evidence to support the prosecution at this time.”

YOU got that? Murder indictment (suddenly) vitiated.

NOW, it is neither here nor there why he facilitated – and he did – a “murder for hire”, even though an ascribed motive is an absorbing element to criminal cases. We get that, at least those of us who know about these matters.
 HOWEVER, this was NO ordinary killing, and it matters not a whit what the Jihadi-in-Chief wants the public to believe, nor how the Muslim community (in America and abroad) attempts to Allah wash it. In the main, this “get out of jail free” involved another Saudi “student” learning to fly, not unlike his Saudi (other Islamic nationals too) counterparts pre 9/11/01. He has now (supposedly) returned to Saudi Arabia. Absconded from the scene of the crime and punishment. Not exactly shocking.
NOT only that, there are reportedly over 6,000 foreign (Muslim) students unaccounted for in America, those who were let in on student visas, and from the most terror-laden countries bar none. Again, why?
COLOR this blogger suspicious, but doesn’t all of the above jive with smuggling planeloads of Muslims into America, via Obama Inc., under the most non-transparent methods possible?
TRENCHANTLY, the queries become:
WHO are Ziad Abid’s (and Abdul Rahman Alharbi’s) handlers, inside and outside America?
WHAT targets are/were in their sights?
WHEN are/were the attacks planned for?
WHERE are other “sleepers” hidden?
WHY did the Jihadi-in-Chief free him from jail (as well as shield the Boston jihadi from prosecution in the first place) to begin with?
MORE than illegal. Treasonous. Indubitably, Islam’s best friend!

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