This Gun Shop Owner Has an “Obama Bin Laden” Target That Has Liberals Throwing a Fit

Conservative Tribune

Spanish Fork, Utah gun shop owner Patrick Meinhart said he hopes the zombie target in his store window nicknamed “Obama Bin Laden” causes people to talk about some of the problems that the president has caused in the United States.

The cartoonish figure bears a sign that says, “Obama Bin Laden. The biggest terrorist this country has ever seen.”

Meinhart told KSTU that he put the target in the store window in June and has yet to receive a single complaint about it.

“Honestly I haven’t had anybody come in and complain about it or tell me that I’m wrong,” he said. “And some people probably say that I’m racist, but it’s got nothing to do with that. It’s that he’s not doing what he was elected to do.”

And that, Meinhart said, is the issue –President Barack Obama isn’t doing his job, and the American people need to call him on it.

“We just put this out there to try to get people to realize what’s going on in the country and try to stand up and do something about it,” he said.

As for the target, Meinhart seems a little taken aback by the attention it has garnered.

“I figured I’d get some laughs out of it, and it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but it’s actually getting to where it’s kind of a big deal, which is good because I hope it will bring people to realize what’s going on in the United States right now,” he said.

This is the target in question, courtesy of MadWorldNews:

Obama target 1

Obama target 2

Meinhart is the owner of an establishment catering to Second Amendment supporters who is exercising his First Amendment right of freedom of speech to encourage other citizens to petition their government with their grievances, another right guaranteed by the Constitution.

Whether you approve of the target or not, you have it admit that it doesn’t get much more American than that.

4 thoughts on “This Gun Shop Owner Has an “Obama Bin Laden” Target That Has Liberals Throwing a Fit

  1. Reblogged this on Arlin Report and commented:
    It’s called freedom of speech; something liberals and anyone that would cry about it want to take from us.

  2. obama puts Africa first. Hi homeland ! He is a Muslim make no mistake about that. They come first ! The U. S. comes second !!! The man is a walking lie.He is a comme. He has to go !!!

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