Former Judge Reveals Details of Obama’s Frightening New Plan for Americans

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Fox News judicial analyst and former judge Andrew Napolitano has always kept a vigilant eye on the government and has repeatedly warned us when there is a “Constitutional crisis,” several of which have occurred under the Obama administration.


The judge is sounding the alarm yet again, as our First Amendment freedom of speech has come under attack by liberal Democrats.

Fox News is reporting on a government-funded (taxpayer dollars) project which monitors social media, a project that Judge Napolitano says is blatantly in violation of the Constitution.

The project is called “Truthy” and is being conducted by researchers at the University of Indiana, funded by the National Science Foundation.  It’s purpose is to analyze and visualize how information spreads on Twitter and other social media platforms.

“We also plan to use Truthy to detect political smears, astroturfing, misinformation and other social pollution,” the researchers explain on the project’s official site.

Judge Napolitano says it is perfectly okay for a private institution to conduct a study like this, but government involvement should trigger alarm bells.

One example of how this project runs afoul of the Constitution is the fact that the government is required to have reasonable suspicion in order to investigate anyone.  “It has to have a reason it can articulate as to why it’s interested in a certain person. No such reason here,” said the Judge.

He also points out that the First Amendment was designed to prevent citizens from being afraid to speak out openly, without fear of being monitored by the government.

“When people are under observation, they change on account of their being observed,” Judge Napolitano said. “The whole purpose of the First Amendment is to encourage open, wide and robust debate about the government. This project that the government is paying for will have the opposite effect. It’s wrong, it’s unconstitutional.”

He added, “the first federal judge before whom this is challenged will stop it from going further.”

This is little more than a sly and underhanded effort to silence dissent and root out opposition to the government.  It is in complete violation of the Constitution, and government funding should be pulled immediately.  Any and all information gleaned from the study so far that is in the government’s hands must also be destroyed.

If the government wants to stop political smears and misinformation on social media, then perhaps they should stop doing smear-worthy things, and maybe go ahead and tell us the truth up front, so there won’t be so much misinformation flying around.

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