2 thoughts on “Ebola Czar Ron Klain Says “Overpopulation” Top Concern

  1. How does one state Human Population is a ‘Problem’ and in the same breath state Human Survival is a ‘Problem’… without one’s head blowing up. I would agree with the Professional Clown Manager that Human’s are responsible… but it is Humans denying Other Humans Freedom and Liberty which is at the root of the ‘Problems’ he identifies. When he speaks of Africa and Asia he is attempting to distract form the Socialist Oppression of populations and strict control of resources by Dictators and Thugs which create the Human Suffering. Not Global Warming. But those in control of those areas are the friends and fellow travelers of Mr. Solyndra. And once you realize that, you realize those like Mr. Klain are the ‘Problem’. I guess in the end I agree with the man… it’s just which specific segment of the over-population we believe threatens our survival we disagree on.

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