New Documents Reveal Clinton White House Wanted to “Register” All Militia Groups to Watch Them

Conservative Tribune

On Friday, thousands of previously unreleased documents from the Clinton administration were opened to the public.

It should be noted that not only was this a “Friday document dump,” but it was also done on a three-day weekend, which is usually done when documents contain information their authors don’t want the general public to notice.

The Right Scoop has come across a Politico report on some of the information contained in the documents, information pertaining to the militia movement in America and Clinton administration plans to “register” and track the groups.

After the Oklahoma City bombing, members of the Clinton administration floated proposals to force militia groups to register with the federal government, placing themselves under strict regulations, including having their membership lists published and having to obtain federal permission before conducting “paramilitary” training.

One of the persons pushing this idea was Clinton adviser Dick Morris, who believed there would be public support for such a scheme.

“The public overwhelmingly supports a significant expansion in the FBI’s ability to investigate militia groups. If you and the Justice Department believe such an expansion would be in the public interest, I would recommend that we go ahead with it with a high profile announcement,” Morris wrote in an Oct. 6, 1995, memo to Chief of Staff Leon Panetta, among others.

However, the proposal caused alarm among White House lawyers and political advisers, who worried about a conservative backlash should such a “bad idea” be implemented.

The plan was quickly dismissed as a “serious mistake” that could become political suicide.

It should be noted that it was concern over political backlash that squashed this idea, not concern about the legality or Constitutionality of forcing independent citizen militia groups to register themselves and their guns.

Had there not been such a worry about angering conservatives, it is a sure bet that this scheme would have become policy.

Imagine the consequences of such a policy and what the Obama administration would have done with lists of militias, their members, and their equipment.

Citizen militias were designed to be separate from the government and to serve as an augmentation to the government if necessary, or if needed to oppose the government on behalf of the people.  Government registration of guns or militias must never be allowed, because it would remove the people’s last safeguard against tyranny.

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