UNREAL: This Popular Fox News Commentator is on Obama’s “Terror Watch List”

Conservative Tribune

Obama’s assault on the First Amendment continues as Fox News contributor Stephen Hayes has been placed on the Department of Homeland Security’s terrorist watch list. Not only does disagreeing with Obama make someone racist, it apparently also makes them a threat to national security.


Hayes took to Twitter to explain that he was recently informed of being placed on the terrorist watch list, which he said, “explains why I have been subject to extra screening each of my recent trips.”

According to The Daily Caller, Hayes also tweeted that he attempted to address the issue by filing a “redress” form on the DHS website, but conveniently the form “could not be processed.” The popular Fox News contributor went on to say that he might have been added to the list due to a recent one-way flight to Syria raising a red flag, since his return trip was through Athens.


While this could be some type of mix up or somehow related to Hayes’ flight schedule, it’s likely one more attempt by an out-of-control government that absolutely hates anyone who refuses to worship at the altar of Obama, to silence the speech of dissenters.

President Obama has proven on numerous occasions that he hates free speech protected under the First Amendment, as is evidenced by the IRS targeting scandal, another tool he used to attempt making conservatives shut their mouths. Placing conservative journalists on a watch list seems like a course of action in-step with the behavior of the administration.

Another great example of how Obama and his cronies have been stripping away freedom of speech from outspoken conservatives is the prosecution of Dinesh D’Souza for violating “campaign contribution” laws, which are technically violations of the First Amendment and shouldn’t even be considered legal.

D’Souza was sentenced to eight months in a “confinement” center, which is clearly a heavy-handed slap in the face meant to prevent him from continuing to speak out and expose Obama and his agenda for America.


Hopefully this will help wake up other Americans to be aware of how the government is attempting to control speech and will inspire individuals to take action to fight against big government tyranny.

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