Congressman Confirms: Benghazi Witnesses ARE Being Threatened

Conservative Tribune

There were dozens of Americans that were in Benghazi on that fateful night in September of 2012, when four Americans were murdered in a terrorist attack.  Very few have come forward to share their version of events though.

You would think that all of these people would want to tell their story, particularly in light of so many unanswered questions about that night.  But President Obama has used an “orchestrated strategy” to censor Benghazi survivors and their families, with many of them “gagged” by non-disclosure agreements, or silenced by threats.  Sadly, more than a dozen of those brave souls have died over the past two years, without the chance to share their story.

Now Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert is confirming some of the suspicions surrounding the quiet survivors and witnesses of Benghazi, claiming that some of them have been threatened to keep quiet about what they know, according to Fox News.

Gohmert spoke about this on America’s Newsroom, relaying a story of a committee hearing on Benghazi in which an intelligence official said that nobody who was injured in the Benghazi attack was hospitalized at Walter Reed Medical Center.  Gohmert knew this was a lie though, as he had personally met a Benghazi survivor at the DC area hospital.

The Congressman believes that that particular intel officer was “fed false information”.  He also thinks that other intel officials are being forced to keep quiet about what they know.

“Over a year after Benghazi I had an intelligence officer who was working North Africa at the time of Benghazi. I finally saw him, I said ‘where have you been?’ He said, ‘I’ve been scared.’ I said, ‘Oh come on, you’ve never been scared a day in your life.’ He said, ‘They have made me scared,’” Gohmert recalled.

But why would people be forced to keep quiet, and who would benefit by them not sharing the truth that they knew?

“Obviously somebody had a vested interest in keeping them quiet. … These people are very insidious in what they have done to some of the true patriots out there in the field and it really needs to be exposed,” said Gohmert.

Louie Gohmert is right, there are insidious people within the Obama administration, who have blatantly committed crimes in their attempts to cover up what happened before, during, and after the Benghazi terror attacks.  Hopefully, Trey Gowdy and his Select Committee will be able to uncover this travesty, and hold those who are responsible accountable for their actions.

4 thoughts on “Congressman Confirms: Benghazi Witnesses ARE Being Threatened

  1. I am amazed they have not been suicided yet

  2. Lets start with Barry and go down from there

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