BREAKING: Islamic State Recruiter Captured in New York

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For years, Americans have been fighting and dying in battle against radical Islamic extremists in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now the battle is starting to take place closer to home.

Despite Obama administration assurances to the contrary, radical Islamic terrorists are now in the United States and attempting to further the cause of the jihadis. As long ago as 2009, Army Maj. Nidal Hasan killed 13 people and wounded dozens more before requesting citizenship from the Islamic State. More recently, a Colorado woman was apprehended as she attempted to fly to Syria in order to support Islamic State terrorists there. In addition, at least four Americans were allegedly killed by Ali Muhammad Brown in what he described as revenge for American involvement in Iraq.

Now CNN reports that another terrorist has been captured within the United States.

Mufid A. Elfgeeh was arrested on May 31 and charged with attempting to fund and recruit for the Islamic State as well as plotting to murder U.S. Iraq War veterans in the United States.

Details of the charges, which also include illegally possessing firearms and silencers, were not released by federal officials until t his week, almost four months after Elfgeeh’s arrest.

Federal authorities began investigating Elfgeeh “in early 2013,” almost a full year before Obama compared the Islamic State terrorists to a JV basketball team with NBA aspirations.

His public defender, Mark Hosken, indicated that his client plans to plead not guilty to all the charges, although he also said that he had not yet seen the indictment and, therefore, it can be assumed that he didn’t know what the specific charges were.

ISIS recruiter Elfgeeh

After months of brutal attacks by the Islamic State against Iraqi Christians and other minorities, President Obama has finally been persuaded to take action against the radical militants, and that’s good.

But with these new revelations, it now appears that the Islamic State has been taking action against us for a lot longer.

4 thoughts on “BREAKING: Islamic State Recruiter Captured in New York

  1. It figures, New York, the INSANE state! So, he wasn’t working for Mayor DeBlasio, the Marxist?

  2. I guess in a way its too bad he didn’t go after DeBlasio. That way the “Emperor” Mayor himself- SCREAMING FOR HIS LIFE- would be able to see the total, complete, and utter stupidity of the laws and restrictions he himself is responsible for.

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