Breaking>>> Former DHS Secretary: Al-Qaeda WMD Testing Lab Found in Afghanistan

Gateway Pundit

Former Secretary of Homeland Security under President George W. Bush, Michael Chertoff, was on The Kelly File last Thursday to discuss the threat of ISIS on the US homeland.

Chertoff told Megyn Kelly Al-Qaeda had been experimenting with WMD in Afghanistan labs.

“If we don’t eliminate the problem now it is only going to get worse. And, when we went into Afghanistan after 9-11 we found laboratories where Al-Qaeda was experimenting to try to come up with weapons of mass destruction. If we let ISIS build a state, build laboratories, sell oil and raise money, we’re going to be facing an enemy that is more formidable than we faced on 9-11.”

ISIS terrorists seized Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons stockpile at the Al Muthanna facility in June.
saddam weapons
Chemical warfare agent filled aerial bombs await destruction at Muthanna complex Iraq in an undated file photo. (Photo: Reuters)

al muthanna
A file photo of the Al Muthanna chemical weapons plant north of Baghdad.

3 thoughts on “Breaking>>> Former DHS Secretary: Al-Qaeda WMD Testing Lab Found in Afghanistan

  1. So, what are they “testing”? Are they testing how much you can blow up somebody if you strap them with a WMD and flip the switch? If so, I give my approval and advise ALL of their guys to do that training.
    Otherwise, why don’t they use the CIA facilities that they’ve used for years since the CIA created them to fight the Russians in Afghanistan?

  2. Help them out. Show them what it should look like. Find out where they are(outta be fairly easy to do), launch a few Tomohawks, and turn the area into a glass parking lot.

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