Did the FBI Inadvertently Classify Barack Obama As a “Domestic Terrorist”?

Conservative Tribune

President Barack Obama has been referred to as one of the “domestic enemies” our Founders warned us about, and his many unconstitutional and scandalous actions have led many to accuse him of committing treason.


It certainly appears that Obama has switched sides and “turned” in the war on terror, as evidenced by the support he has given to numerous and various terrorist groups around the world.

Obama has supported with money, arms. and training the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and Al-Qaeda affiliated radical Islamic rebel groups in Libya and Syria.  These arm have now found their way into the hands of the Islamic State that has arisen in Iraq and Syria.

It has become painfully obvious that Obama is an Islamist, or one who has sympathies and support for those who follow the radical Islamic ideology.

According to Red Flag News, using the FBI’s own definitions, as found in US criminal code, Barack Obama could reasonably be described as an international and domestic terrorist.

18 U.S.C. Section 2331 defines both international and domestic terrorism based on three specific characteristics.  Both involve violent acts that are dangerous to human life and violate federal or state laws.

Both also involve acts that appear to be intended to intimidate or coerce a population, influence government policies by intimidation or coercion, and affect the conduct of governments by way of mass destruction, assassinations, or kidnappings.

The only real distinction is that international terrorism is that which takes place outside of the United States, while domestic terrorism takes place within the borders or territory of the US.

The federal crime of terrorism is a federal felony offense, with punishment ranging from a few years to life in prison, or even death, depending upon the severity of the terrorist acts.

When reading these federal definitions of terrorism, and bearing in mind the active assistance and material support that Obama has given to known terrorist organizations and their allies, there is no other conclusion that can be reached except the most obvious one.

Barack Obama is an international and domestic terrorist, according to the FBI’s own definition of the crime.  Will anything be done about this?

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