Terrorism Expert Just Confirmed Our Worst Fears About Barack H. Obama

Conservative Tribune

After almost six years of his presidency, it’s clear that Barack Obama does what he wants to do with little regard for Congress, the Constitution, or even the law.

The president has openly defied the Republican House and dared them to do anything about it. He has skirted the Constitution so often that even liberal commentators are beginning to wake up to the danger his imperial presidency poses. He’s even prepared to bypass the Senate–which is controlled by Democrats of his own party.


And, according to the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office, he violated federal law when he failed to notify Congress of his trade of five Taliban terrorists for the accused Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl.

The GAO says that the administration also broke the law by using funds it did not have to pay for the trade,

Now Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch says the reason for this president’s disregard for the law and Constitution is clear. President Obama will do “everything he needs to do to give the jihadis what they want,” he says.

Spencer is an expert on Islam and radical Islamic terrorism, and has authored a number of books on the topic, citing mostly Islamic texts themselves.

“When it’s something that is in favor of Islam and in favor of the global jihad, Barack Obama does not hesitate to disregard established procedures,” he added.

Spencer concludes that, while he expects further investigation into the Bergdahl trade, he’s concerned that efforts to uncover the truth will be hampered by “political correctness.”

Obama has been accused in the past of being a secret Muslim, which does not in reality seem to accord with his highly secular approach to the world. However, other claims that he is an Islamist–a supporter of radical Islam–do seem to be born out by the weight of the evidence.


The president, of course, is free as an American citizen to practice, support, or denounce any religion he sees fit. But from the Oval Office, his support for radical Islam is more than un-American; it may very likely be criminal.

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