Barack Obama Teams Up With the UN to Bypass Congress and the Constitution

Conservative Tribune

President Obama doesn’t seem to see either Congress or the United States Constitution, which he swore to protect and defend, as more than minor inconveniences.


For example, he has specifically instructed his cabinet to look for ways to get around Congress, especially the Republican-controlled House. His executive orders have been widely labeled as unconstitutional, even by liberal experts and commentators. Additionally, he seems to feel the same way about the Supreme Court, even though he appointed two of its justices.

Now a new report confirms that Obama is prepared to illustrate his disregard for America’s institutions once again, this time to force the country into a climate change treaty that the American people do not want and would not support, if given a voice.

According to WZ, President Obama is working with United Nations negotiators to create an “update” to the 1992 treaty that would not require ratification by Congress, at least in this administration’s opinion.

The agreement is slated to be signed next year at a United Nations meeting in Paris, France.

The new terms of the treaty are unlikely to be popular with Congressional Republicans or “poor countries around the world,” according the the report. No one expects that unpopularity to dissuade Obama from going forward with what representatives admit is a “political” deal designed to “name and shame” countries into taking the actions that American and European liberals think they should with regard to fossil fuel emissions.


For all his vaunted intellectualism, this president often acts like a small child who doesn’t want to clean his room. If he put as much effort into cleaning his room as he did into his schemes to avoid cleaning his room, the room would have been clean ten times over by now.

Similarly, if President Barack Obama would put half the effort into working with Congress and the other side of the aisle as he does trying to get around them, he might be surprised at what he could accomplish. He might also have approval ratings of better than 40 percent.

2 thoughts on “Barack Obama Teams Up With the UN to Bypass Congress and the Constitution

  1. I saw a short clip of a video showing michell obama saying ALL THIS FOR A FLAG ! It was a flag day celebration and you had to read her lips with no sound. You could not miss what she said. This is why they vacation so much and spend tons of our money. They hate this country !My poor black brothers and sisters cant get any help but all this for a flag.And on it goes. Hussain is not American.

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