Rush Limbaugh Just Warned America About Barack H. Obama’s REAL Plan

Conservative Tribune

Liberals all over the country have fallen into a deep, sullen, and tear-filled depression as their golden boy, Barack Obama, seems to have completely given up on the presidency and has resigned himself to spending the rest of his time in office on vacation or at the golf course.


President Obama has been acting much like an absentee father lately, avoiding all of his responsibilities and allowing crisis after crisis to spiral out of control.

He has done nothing to fix the border, allowing thousands of dangerous illegals to flood into the country, nor has he taken any solid action to fix the mess in Iraq, as ISIS forces continue to take over portions of the country, killing thousands, including American citizens.

The question the American people have been asking is whether or not Obama really has checked out, or if his “break from reality” is really all part of the plan to destroy America. Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has the answer.

A video posted to YouTube features Limbaugh attempting to console and comfort liberals who are upset about Obama’s apathy toward all the affairs of the presidency, revealing that his absence and time on the golf course is all part of his strategy to destroy the republic.

“In an attempt here to comfort those of you at the New York Times and those of you at MSNBC and the other of you who are leftists who may be sad, may be disappointed, may be dejected, that Obama appears to have checked out. He’s playing golf. The job doesn’t interest him, or for whatever reason he’s not acting like you hoped he would. He’s not behaving like you hoped he would. He’s not doing things like you hoped he would. Let me just reassure you.

A president does not have to be fully immersed in policy, does not have to be fully engaged every day to destroy things. Obama can continue to destroy from the golf course. You can do that, as a part time president. You can see to it that the border remains open. You can see to it that Obamacare continues to destroy the greatest health care system in the world. You can do all that from the golf course.

In fact, you may be able to do even more from the golf course. You may be able to be even more destructive if people think you’ve checked out and don’t care. So I would caution you people on the left not to panic. Your guy doesn’t have to be in the Oval Office to continue to destroy what he thinks is illegitimate about the country.”

Limbaugh is absolutely spot on here. Obama’s following the progressive playbook to a tee, part of which calls for the creation and exploitation of crisis situations as a means of justifying power grabs from the legislative branch of the government.

The president is purposefully letting the situation at the border continue to worsen, hoping to declare an emergency and push amnesty through with an executive order. This is just one example among many.

Obama is still out to destroy the country, but he also wants to have a good time doing it. It’s time for this corrupt and lawless president to be given the boot, but that can only happen if the American people rise up and apply pressure to Congress to take this much needed course of action.

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