Kentucky Catholic church paints ن on door in solidarity with Christians persecuted by Islamic State








Jihad Watch

Kudos to Fr. Jim Sichko and the parishioners of St. Mark’s Church. The Islamic State painted the ن on the door of the homes of Christians in Mosul to mark them for extortion (as per Qur’an 9:29) or extermination. Christians and all free people worldwide should be standing in solidarity with those persecuted Christians, but St. Mark’s is unfortunately in quite rare company: most Catholics (and Christians in general) would never dream of taking on this symbol, as it might harm their precious and spectacularly unproductive “dialogue” with Muslims, and could even be construed as “Islamophobic.” Heaven forfend!

“Special Symbol At Richmond Church Shines Light On World Issue,”, August 5, 2014:

A special symbol on the door of a Richmond Catholic church has people around the world talking.

It’s a symbol that shines brightly on the door of St. Mark Church, piquing the interest of many and sparking conversations far beyond Kentucky.


The symbol – the Aramaic symbol for the letter “n,” which means Nazarean – was placed on the door Thursday evening.

Actually, it’s the Arabic letter nun, for Nasara, the Qur’an’s term for Christians.

A symbol that is not usually seen on the door of a Catholic church, but Father Jim Sichko says he put it there to show solidarity for Christians living on the other side of the world, who are currently fighting a religious war.

“There are some extremists who are marking Christian territories and are killing those individuals and destroying Christian landmarks,” Father Sichko said.

Father Sichko says his door has helped bring attention to that persecution and his story has even reached NPR, a national blog, one even being re-tweeted by someone at the Vatican.

“It just so happens our Catholic church has taken a public stand,” he said. “People around the world have stood up, so has the Pope.”

Father Sichko says he isn’t sure how long he will keep the symbol up, but hopes it continues to open the door for others to pray for peace.

The other big news for the church is that singer Reba Mcentire will give a benefit performance for St. Mark charities on Oct. 12. She has just released a new single called “Pray for Peace.”

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