Jihadist Murders Four Americans INSIDE US… Media Totally Silent

Conservative Tribune

Unlike Israelis who face the threat of Hamas rocket attacks from Gaza every day, Americans like to think that they are safe from radical Islamic terrorists at home. But that safety may be an illusion.


The barbarians of the Islamic State have already threatened to conquer America and raise the Islamic flag over the White House. Benjamin Netanyahu has warned America that radical Islamic terrorists have the United States in their sights, and Texas Governor Rick Perry has put the nation on notice that radical Islamists may already have crossed into the country illegally over the nation’s porous southern border.

But these warnings overlook a potentially enormous threat to Americans–attacks by radical Islamic terrorists who are also American citizens, like the mass murders allegedly committed by Ali Muhammad Brown that the American media has completely ignored.

According to Allen West’s website, Brown is accused of murdering four men as “vengeance for the actions of the United States in the Middle East.”

Chillingly, Brown added that he was “just doing (his) small part.”

The politically correct leftist American media has all but ignored this story, as West points out, dismissing the threat in the same vein as President Barrack Obama, who as recently as earlier this year referred to the ISIS terrorists–now calling themselves the Caliphate or Islamic State–as “a JV team.”

West raises the specter of the possibility of other such Islamist murders occurring in America–now or in the future–but not reported in an American media “enslaved to the gods of political correctness.”

Freedom of the press is enshrined in the Bill of Rights for just such a time as this–to allow journalists the ability to provide Americans the information they need to ensure their safety and freedom. Because this freedom is all but impossible to overcome through legislation, liberals have invented political correctness to shame the press into refusing to do its job.

Ideas, however, have consequences, and the idea of political correctness results in a less-than-fully informed citizenry. That, in turn, can lead to poor choices at the ballot box, which is actually the liberal intent. In this case, however, the consequences can be much more important that the election of another leftist. They can, in fact, be mortal.

6 thoughts on “Jihadist Murders Four Americans INSIDE US… Media Totally Silent

  1. Can anyone else out there confirm this?

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