Mother of Jailed Marine: My Son Needs the FULL Support of the American People

Conservative Tribune

It’s been well over 100 days since U.S. Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi accidentally drove across the border into Mexico with legally registered weapons and was detained by Mexican authorities.

Tahmooressi has made several pleas to Barack Obama to take action to get him out of prison, or to at least expedite due process and move up his trial, but has received nothing from the White House.

Jill Tahmooressi, the young Marine’s mother, has been making media appearances to try prodding the Obama adClick here to read about the massive boycott veterans organized against Mexico to bring home imprisoned Marine.ministration into answering her letters and petitions, but once again, the president has not said or done anything to help.

Inaction from Obama, his typical go-to strategy for dealing with any crisis, has prompted many pundits like Bill O’Reilly to call for a boycott of Mexico, and a group of bikers have held several rallies at the border to show their support for Sgt. Tahmooressi.

Click here to read about the massive boycott veterans organized against Mexico to release imprisoned Marine.

According to WND, the Marine Sargent’s mother is calling on the American people to show their support for her son by writing letters to him, which she says are an encouragement to the brave soldier.

“He needs to continue to hear from his supporters here in America, so that’s why we are asking for the public to write to him,” she said. “He has absolutely no distraction in that Mexican jail. Solitary confinement, no radio, no television; he is only allowed one book at a time, but he is allowed letters.

“So we encouraging the American people to write him letters because it keeps him connected … so he knows that he has not been forgotten.”

Mrs. Tahmooressi is feeling optimistic and hopeful that her family’s ordeal will be over in time for Labor Day, stating that the constant support she’s getting from folks across the country has been a blessing to her during these tough times.

“It’s amazing, coast to coast, I feel like my family has grown,” she said. ” … I now have this universe of a family. I know Andrew feels it, because I read to him the prayers and support messages. … He is so appreciative. That has been the most amazing thing … how America can rally together for this Marine.”

By ignoring this situation, President Obama is proving that he lacks integrity and doesn’t possess a shred of decent moral character.

Hopefully, the support of the American people will begin to wake up both the president and Congress to step up and do something to help this young man who has sacrificed so much for his country.

For those who would like to support the Tahmooressi family through letters, donations, or by signing a petition, please visit AndrewFreedomFund.Com.

4 thoughts on “Mother of Jailed Marine: My Son Needs the FULL Support of the American People

  1. It is time, well past time, to bring this Marine home. Either that, or its time for us to start making incursions into the failed state of Mexico and bring him home, and kill anyone that points a weapon at us.

    • I remember a story my Dad told me about Patton. One of his men was in jail in Phoenix City, Alabama for being drunk. Patton called the Sheriff and asked him to let him go but it didn’t do any good. The Sheriff said he would have to go before the judge. So Patton got in his tank and drove across the bridge into Phoenix City and stopped in front of the jail, lowered the the barrel and asked the Sheriff one more time to let him go. Which he did. Patton did this for one man. Obama has done nothing. It would interfere with his golf games and fundraising.

  2. I remember that story. Mom told me.

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