Police Officer: If Obama Doesn’t Follow Constitution, We Don’t Have to Either


Helmetta, New Jersey police officer Richard Recine gives the best reason I have heard yet to impeach Obama for his many violations of the Constitution, regardless of the short-term political consequences. Via Mediaite:

Steve Wronko had a camera inside [a municipal] building as part of an investigation he was doing, and Officer Richard Recine tracked him down to ask who he is [and] what he’s doing there. Wronko repeatedly asserted a First Amendment right to be doing what he’s doing, but Recine was having none of it.

At 2:18 in the video below, Officer Recine proclaims,

“Obama has decimated the frigging Constitution. So I don’t give a damn because if he doesn’t follow the Constitution, we don’t have to.”

As the president openly and constantly shows contempt for Constitutional restrictions on his authority, sneering “Sue me” at those who object, how can anyone expect any other authorities to take it seriously? Already variations of Recine’s attitude must permeate every nook and cranny of government, among both supporters and critics of the Community Organizer in Chief.

The damage Obama has done to the very fiber of this country is incalculable and very possibly irreversible unless we establish immediately that his violations of the Constitution are absolutely unacceptable.


4 thoughts on “Police Officer: If Obama Doesn’t Follow Constitution, We Don’t Have to Either

  1. If the constitution is not the law of the land and officials choose to ignore the bill of rights then there will be no peace it there is no justice and we have the right to desperate our selfs from an illegal system. All official are then there-by in the cross hairs of the sovereign right of the people. They have to return to their homes and families and will fill the justified wrath of the people. Caution to the traitors of the people. Watch your back because we have taken notice of your where abouts. . Choose your actions carefully your next betrayal could be your last. Just saying.

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