Independent Panel CONFIRMS: Barack Obama is Weakening the US Military

Conservative Tribune

Many conservatives and members of Congress have been speaking out against Barack Obama’s downsizing of the military, fearing that it could possibly make the U.S. too weak to protect the country from global threats.

Liberals, of course, reacted with name calling, a typical strategy employed by those who have no facts or evidence to win people over to their way of thinking through logical, thoughtful, and civil discourse.

Progressives have called those in favor of a strong military “war mongers” or “war hawks,” failing to see the bigger picture, which is the fact that threats to national security are growing in scope and sophistication.

Now, thanks to a report from the National Defense Panel, conservatives can feel vindicated in their claims, as the panel concluded that Obama is in fact weakening the military, and this leaves America vulnerable.

Personal Liberty Digest reports that the NDF stated the U.S. needs military upgrades and to expand in size in order to have the resources available to respond to multiple global threats.

“The Air Force now fields the smallest and oldest force of combat aircraft in its history yet needs a global surveillance and strike force able to rapidly deploy to theaters of operation to deter, defeat, or punish multiple aggressors simultaneously. As a result of the budget constraints imposed by the 2011 Budget Control Act, the Air Force’s Bomber, Fighter and Surveillance forces are programmed to drawdown to approximately 50% of the current inventory by 2019. In the panel’s opinion, the programmed reduction in the Air Force’s decisive enabling capabilities will put this nation’s national security strategy at much higher risk and therefore recommends increasing the number of manned and unmanned aircraft capable of conducting both ISR and long range strike in contested airspace.

We are convinced the 2014 QDR’s contemplated reduction in Army end strength goes too far.

We believe the Army and the Marine Corps should not be reduced below their pre-9/11 end-strengths – 490,000 active-duty soldiers in the Army and 182,000 active Marines–bearing in mind that capability cannot always substitute for capacity.”

President Obama is once again proving that for a self-described “constitutional scholar” he knows little about the purpose of government.

Part of the reason the Founders thought it necessary to establish a stronger central government was to protect the country from outside threats. The means of said protection is the military, and with America having grown into the most powerful nation on Earth, she’s a big target.

This is why we need a strong military. There will always be multiple threats that put the American way of life in jeopardy, and it’s imperative to have a large and strong enough military force to handle those situations when they arise.

Hopefully, this report will help convince Congress to do their job to find other places to make needed cuts to the budget, like their salaries perhaps, rather than gutting the military and leaving the country open to attack.

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