Defense Panel: Obama is “Dangerously” Gutting the Military

Conservative Tribune

As both a direct and indirect result of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy, world stability has ebbed significantly in recent years. His  unwillingness to confront terrorists like Hamas and aggressive world leaders like Russia’s Vladimir Putin have both encouraged and emboldened America’s enemies.


Threats from North Korea, Iran, China, and other nations have largely been ignored by this president.

Meanwhile, despite the changing environment, U.S. military spending has been reduced by almost $600 billion under Obama, according to a recent report from the  as cited by the Washington Free Beacon.

The report cites these international threats and others as reasons why military funding must be increased, saying that the superiority of the U.S. military is “not a given” without sustained investment. China and Russia, for example, have both ramped up their armed forces, while engaging in “increasingly aggressive behavior.”

The panel did not call for specific force sizes or compositions, but did say without reservation that current U.S. defense spending “is inadequate given the future strategic and operational environment.”

The report also says that military planning had been directed by budgetary guidelines, rather than the other way around, says House Armed Services Committee Chairman Rep. Howard P. “Buck” McKeon. “The QDR [Quadrennial Defense Review] did not do what Congress required,” McKeon said in a statement. “By focusing on budget—rather than threats—the QDR does a disservice to the nation by not examining the force and the resources the nation needs.”

The report specifically states that increased global instability means that the Unites States must be prepared to engage in two “regional conflicts” simultaneously, citing potential trouble spots in “Korea, the South China Sea, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and elsewhere.”

Defense spending is an area that conservatives sometimes disagree on. Republicans tend to be hawkish, while Libertarians favor more restrained military budgets. Both are important; a strong defense is vital to American security and prosperity, but so are deficit reduction and tax relief.

In an ideal world, Congress would reduce other programs to allow for all three; but in reality, some things have to be prioritized over others.

Death and taxes may be the most certain things in the world, to paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, but the American people would like Congress to do what they can to mitigate both.

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