Obama’s Inexplicable Love for the Dark Side

American Thinker

Even the American left is finally realizing that this is the strangest administration in living memory. Obama simply has no real precedents, which is why he seems so utterly foreign. American presidents tend to be pragmatists, but Obama is locked into a simpleminded ideology of Good vs. Evil. Obama is Good, and anybody who disagrees with him is Evil.

Much of this oddity stems from the president’s personality, which many people have described as a mix of major narcissism, borderline personality disorder, and oppositional defiant disorder. Personality disordered people can be very functional in their jobs. But they are very destructive to others. People with such disorders rarely admit they can be wrong. Narcissism is almost defined by that feature: someone who knows with godlike certainty that he is right all the time, who cannot admit a fault, and who therefore needs to blame others every

time something goes wrong. Obama does this with almost robotic regularity.


Historically, the most destructive leaders are malignant narcissists with a sociopathic streak, superficially charming and impressive, but manipulative, heartless, and intent on constantly smearing their perceived enemies.

Bill Clinton is also a major narcissist, but as an adult he did not have a compulsion to constantly malign other people. Clinton has recently said that he truly hates Obama, and he knows the man. Imagine the firestorm if any Republican said that.

Now it seems that Obama wants to torpedo Hillary’s campaign and support Elizabeth Warren, the phony affirmative action Indian at Harvard Law, to force more leftist radicalism on the American people. Hillary looks tired and confused, while Warren is a major rabble-rouser for the left, just like our current Occupant.

Active malevolence toward mainstream America is very much in character for the hard left. They hate you and me for what Joe McCarthy did sixty years ago to the Stalinist left; and the more we learn about that history, the more it seems that the anti-communists were right. Their list of America-haters is endless: Jerry Wright preached hatred for 20 years to the Obamas. Franklin Marshall Davis, Obama’s teenage “mentor”, the Hawaiian CPUSA rep and soi-disant poet, specialized in the poetry of racial rage. Bill Ayers stands by his old demand to “kill your parents.” Chris Matthews, who seemed sane and balanced when he worked for Tip O’Neill, is getting paid by his bosses at GE for genuine hate speech against the rest of us.

(Research supports the idea that these destructive traits can be solidified by years of drug use, especially crystal meth, but also cannabis.)

The most ironic thing is to watch the left complaining about “divisiveness” when the rest of America will not bow to them — revealing their sense of narcissistic entitlement. Like any closed cult, they know they are completely right, and therefore entitled to power over others, no matter how corrupt and illegal. Lois Lerner has now been shown to have this kind of entitled rage. It cannot be overemphasized that these are standard features of psychiatric disorders.

Obama grew up among such people, as he tells us in his autobiographies. His amazing sense of more-than-human entitlement combines his own history — the fact that he was rejected at age ten by his mother, who sent him to Hawaii — together with the radical cult that raised him. Obama is so cocksure that he can’t imagine how sane and decent people could disagree. This is different from other presidents: Clinton and LBJ certainly were power hungry, but they knew when to compromise.

The parallels with violent Muslims are striking. Aggressive Muslims feel they are entitled to rule the world. Any competing faith makes you an enemy — Buddhist, atheist, Christian, Jewish. They are told so every Friday night by their imams and mullahs — which is why Muslim mobs have always gone on rampages on Fridays. There is a strong link between hate preaching and terrorist violence in the Muslim world. The Saudis have long sponsored Nazilike hate radio and TV through the Arab and Persian media (see MEMRI.org for daily translations.)

The obvious reason for Hamas and other theocratic Israel-haters is the fact that Israel owns most of Jerusalem. Liberals never seem to understand that idea, because they live in a fantasy world where religion is on its way out, and soon we will live in soft Marxist paradise, atheists one and all. Nobody in Russia and China believes that anymore, because Stalin and Mao tried to abolish religion for decades and failed. Today, Putin acts like a Russian Orthodox believer (when it suits him), and the Chinese are constantly suppressing religious revivals in Beijing. Only the Western left believes in that ole-time religion of militant atheism.

In sum, Obama is deeply stuck in his mental quarrel with America. His anti-American, anti-middle class rhetoric is remarkably stereotyped, which raises the possibility that he is cognitively rigid — unable to change his mind in the face of facts. Rigid leaders can’t adjust when the facts change, as they always do in politics.

Which brings me to the genuine Dark Side of humanity, and the stunning support this administration gives to it.

YouTube and social media have now penetrated the liberal media defense against Islamofascist cruelties.

Ask yourself whether we are not honestly seeing the face of evil in this list. Please show it to your liberal friends.

1. Boko Haram stealing 300 little Nigerian girls for sexual slavery. (“Boko Haram” means “education is forbidden”.)

2. This video of a Syrian elder surrounding himself with five little children, right next to a mortar firing shells.

3. This ISIS propaganda video showing mass murder by decapitaton of captured Iraqi soldiers.

4. This article by Alan Dershowitz, a leftist, about the tiny tribal regime of Qatar financing Hamas and other killers. (The Saudis, Egyptians and other Arab regimes are currently fighting Qatar for fear of the greater enemy, Iran.)

5. This heroic Saudi blogger, mercilessly whipped and imprisoned for founding a Saudi human rights organization.

6. This Dutch woman, severely beaten for flying the Israeli flag from her balcony — in the Netherlands.

7. This Canadian lawsuit accusing Pamela Geller of racial incitement for ads aimed at abused and threatened women in Muslim families.

7. This lovely group photo of five black-clad women demanding harsher persecutions by ISIS (an Al Qaida offshoot) in Iraq.

8. This Australian jihadist, surrounded by severed heads of his victims in Syria.

9. This Muslim child-rape gang in England.

10. This Pakistani mob, killing a mother and two little girls for their Ahmadiyya faith.

I know that American Thinker’s readers are aware of these things. My constant question is: Why do Obama and our political-media elite pretend they don’t know? Obama lived four years in Jakarta, Indonesia, in the aftermath of exactly this kind of jihadist civil war. He knows, he knows.

The answer has to be that our ruling left has simply chosen to appease or support the Dark Side.

Whether they are bribed by the oil regimes, or whether they have utterly immoral beliefs, they are no longer interested in fighting evil. In fact, in all cases listed above, the United States under Obama and his crowd has actively supported the worst side.

When all is said and done, the answer is simple.

This administration, and our political-media elites, no longer supports good against evil.

That is why they must be fired and discredited as soon as possible.


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