Immigration Expert: Obama is “Aiding and Abetting” Mexican Drug Cartels

Conservative Tribune

President Barack Obama continues to exacerbate America’s crisis of illegal immigration with threats of executive action to expand his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program to cover additional illegals. The program now allows many illegals to stay and work in the United States and reports indicate that Obama is planning to extend the same privileges to up to an additional eight million illegals now in the country.

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The president has said that he will issue executive orders to deal with the immigration crisis if Congress fails to act on the problem, a possibility that looks increasingly likely, as the House will recess for the remainder of summer in about a week, according to its current schedule.

This is despite the fact that Americans do not want deportations halted–in fact, polls show that a strong majority of Americans prefer just the opposite.

Now Breitbart reports that a leading immigration expert says that Obama is doing more than ignoring the wishes of the American people–he’s “actively aiding and abetting the cartels,” says Rosemary Jenks of NumbersUSA. “He is engaging with them in this smuggling conspiracy.”

According to the report, many migrants pay thousands of dollars to “cartels and gangs” in response to newspaper advertisements promising amnesty to those who can make it into the U.S., allowing them to remain indefinitely.

“Every day he allows this to continue he enriches the cartels,” Jenks says. “This is what is so truly criminal about this.”

There is little question that the flood of illegal immigrants across the border has been in direct response to executive orders issued by this president, or that the immigrants present a drain on national resources and, in some cases, and danger to the public.

Whether the president has intentionally or unintentionally caused the crisis is immaterial; every day that goes by without his taking action to seal the border against further illegal immigration–further enrichment of the criminal gangs that traffic in human beings–deepens his guilt.

If and when he will be called to account for his actions by a House investigation and impeachment proceedings remains to be seen.

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